As Scotland's National Academy, it is the role of the Royal Society of Edinburgh to actively promote the education of young people throughout Scotland, and it aims to stimulate and develop interest in science, society, culture and the arts across all age groups.

The aim of the RSE@ initiative is to enhance the understanding and appreciation which people, and in particular school children, have of their local community by encouraging a sense of belonging to an area rich in cultural and human resources.

The RSE@Arbroath programme took place during 2008-09 and the RSE@Dumfries & Galloway programme took place during 2010-11. The experience gained through these two projects paved the way for the most recent RSE@Programme in Lochaber which ran from September 2012 until Autumn 2013.

All programmes, which consisted of a series of inspirational educational talks, discussion forums and workshops for school children and the wider public, were a great success and stimulated a lot of media interest.

The Scottish Borders is the RSE@ host region during 2014-16. A programme of activities for schools and the public has been developed in consultation with local stakeholders.


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