Members' Grants

Members' Grants

The Royal Society of Edinburgh administers a Grants Fund for the award of grants to Fellows of the Society and Young Academy Members in support of research and scholarship. All Fellows, other than those serving on Council and the Grants Committee, regardless of organisation, and whether in employment or retired, are eligible to apply. Joint applications between Young Academy Members and Fellows of the Society will be considered favourably where it is possible to make a joint application.

Closing dates for applications to the Grants Committee are normally the last working days in February,  May, August and November.

Support for Meetings

A Support for Meetings grant may be awarded to Fellows wishing to organise small scale, specialist meetings or symposia in Scotland that are outwith the Society's own programme of meetings.

Support for Publications

Support for Publications grants may be made to assist in the publication of books written by Fellows of the Society. Such grants will be in the form of a guarantee against loss and not as a subsidy or grant in aid of publication.

Research Visitors to Scotland

Grants may be made to assist research visitors to Scotland from other centres in the United Kingdom or abroad to undertake collaborative research work with a Fellow of the Society for a period normally not exceeding one month.

Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance grants may be made to Fellows of the Society for travel and subsistence, connected with research or scholarship, and are usually given for short visits not exceeding four weeks.

University / Industry Liaison

University / Industry Liaison grants may may be provided to a Fellow or one of his/her associates to enable visits to be made in furtherance of collaboration or liaison between the academic or research institution and industry where consultancy fees are not involved.

Visiting Lecturers and Furth Visiting Lecturers

Visiting Lecturer and Furth Visiting Lecturer Grants may be made available to individuals of suitable standing from elsewhere in the UK or abroad to assist them to come to Scotland to deliver one or more lectures in Scottish Higher Education Institutions.


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