2012 Events

2012 Events


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December 2012

The Royal Society of Edinburgh Christmas Lecture 2012: The Journey to Gold

Conference: CTR Wilson, a Great Scottish Physicist: His Life, Work and Legacy

Lecture: RSE/BP Hutton Prize Lecture in Energy Innovation
Read summary report of RSE/BP Hutton Prize Lecture in Energy Innovation
Read full transcript of Hutton Prize Lecture

November 2012

Conference: Europe and the Arab World

Lecture: MacCormick European Lecture

International Workshop: RSE/NSFC Seminar

Robert Cormack Bequest Lecture: Exploring the Diversity of Exoplanets

Supa Cormack Astronomy Meeting

RSE@Lochaber Lecture: Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe

October 2012

RSE@Lochaber school talk and public evening lecture: The Navvy, The Priests and the King

Dissemination event Edinburgh: Women in Stem

Seminar: Franco-Scottish Seminar - Arts & Humanities

September 2012

RSE@Lochaber Lecture: Location, Location - Film Locations in Lochaber

Lecture: Fragments of a Lost Past or Evidence of a Connected History: The Role and Concepts of Islamic Art in the Museum Context

RSE@Lochaber Lecture: The Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs Boson and Other Questions about the Universe

RSE@Lochaber Discussion Forum: Scottish History in Question: An Evening with Professor Tom Devine

Michael Shea Memorial Lecture: Love's Labours Lost: Why Society is Straitjacketing its Professionals and How we Might Release Them

August 2012

Discussion Forum: Humanising the Workplace

June 2012

BBC Reith Lecture: The Rule of Law and its Enemies

Dissemination event Dundee: Women in STEM

Dissemination event Aberdeen: Women in STEM

Lecture: Is doing cancer research good for the NHS?

May 2012

Conference: Celebrating 100 Years Since the Birth of Alan Turing

Lecture: Alan Turing: Legacy of a Code Breaker

Discussion Forum: An Evening with Diarmaid MacCulloch

April 2012

Conference: Scotland and the United Kingdom

An Evening with Tim Flannery

Best of Scottish Science

March 2012

Lecture: Extreme Engineering

Lecture: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Conscious Processing

Workshop: Systems and Molecular Neuroscience

Lecture/Ordinary Meeting: Infrastructure Costs Too Much, and it Needn't

enLIGHTen; building sized projections inspired by the Scottish Enlightenment at historic locations across Edinburgh’s city centre

February 2012

Conference: Scotland and the United Kingdom

Lecture: A Celebration of Women in Astronomy

Lecture: Extreme Light - a New Paradigm for Fundamental Physics

Workshop: A New Paradigm of Science Driven by Ultrafast Lasers

ECRR Peter Wilson Lecture: Appliance of Science in the rural sector of Scotland


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