Forms and Eligibility

Forms and Eligibility


  • The SE/RSE Enterprise Fellowship programme is designed to encourage the development of a new business, based in Scotland, around a technological idea developed by the Fellow (either individually or with others) and within which the Fellow would be expected to play a leading (though not necessarily the leading) role.

  • The Enterprise Fellowship programme provides entrepreneurship and business skills training through the participating Training Provider which will be directly relevant to the Fellow as they seek to build their new business. Fellows are expected to attend all the elements of the training and complete any requested assignments. When not attending the business skills training the Fellows will be expected to progress the development of their idea from a commercial perspective. Enterprise Fellows are required to devote all their time to the Fellowship as this is a full-time award 

  • This Fellowship will not fund further research work.

  • "Host Institution" means a Scottish Higher Education Institution, Research Institute, or any other appropriate organisation as specified by SE. Applicants for the Enterprise Fellowships will be expected to negotiate directly with the proposed Host Institution to ensure that an appointment would be acceptable. Please note that this is NOT RSE's responsibility.

  • Applicants should be working in (or have made arrangements to work in) a Host Institution and must intend, and be permitted, to continue working in Scotland on conclusion of the Fellowship.

  • Evidence must be provided by the applicant, if not a UK citizen, that he/she is eligible, or likely to obtain permission, to remain and work in Scotland on conclusion of the Fellowship. The Enterprise Fellowships will be available to academic and research staff, postgraduates and graduates with relevant experience. Applicants must have the clear intent that any new company formed will be based in Scotland.

Industry Areas

Enterprise Fellowships are available in the following industry areas:

•    Aerospace, defence & marine
•    Chemical sciences
•    Construction
•    Creative Industries
•    Energy (including oil & gas and renewables)
•    Financial Services
•    Food and drink
•    Forest & Timber industries
•    Life sciences
•    Manufacturing
•    Technology & Engineering
•    Textiles
•    Tourism

Forms and Guidance

All applicants are asked to register for an account at before submitting their application. Application forms can be downloaded from the "Apply for Funding" area once logged-in.






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