Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Every year the RSE runs a day of debate and discussion with students from across the ‎country. The discussions are topical and delivered by expert speakers. The RSE produces ‎a Resource Pack from each event, allowing teachers to use these curriculum-linked ‎resources to run a debate or discussion in their own classroom. The events are ‎supported by the Darwin Trust for Edinburgh.

2014/15 Event - Fashioning Science

The most recent discussion forum event entitled Fashioning Science, ‎kindly supported by the Darwin Trust for Edinburgh, was held at Galashiels Academy on 19 February 2015. The event, run in collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art,  aimed to investigate the links between fashion and science by focusing on a range of different themes related to sustainability, ethics and environmental concerns. The event was interactive, hands-on and introduced pupils to some of the important issues in the fashion and textiles industries today. It also gave pupils an insight into possible career paths related to these subjects.

The aim of the day was to encourage pupils to think about - and answer - the question posed at the beginning of the day, Everyday movement is mysterious enough but what happens to our bodies when we take part in demanding physical activities and what makes us go beyond 'the everyday'?

Quotes from Students

"It was interesting and eye opening"

"It was creative and educational"

"I will use this knowledge when looking at careers"

"I will think about how clothes are made before I buy them"

A teacher's resource pack is now available to allow other schools to ‎recreate the event and explore the issues involved.


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