Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation

Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation

Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation: Final Report published on 30 April 2014

See 'Final Report' for more information or to view the report.

The RSE's Digital Participation Inquiry has been exploring how digital technologies and the internet are used by the public, businesses, government and charities on a day to day basis. It has examined the opportunities that digital technologies can offer to people and businesses online. But it has also been exploring why many remain offline at a time when digital exclusion is likely to lead to increasing exclusion from society and the economy.

The Inquiry has taken evidence from individuals, organisations and businesses across Scotland on these issues. It has considered issues of skills and motivation, as well as technical issues of openness and accessibility. It aims to understand the different ways organisations and individuals can use the internet and digital technologies for wider social, economic and cultural benefits – including health, wealth and wellbeing.

In December 2013, the Inquiry published an Interim Report which presented its emerging findings and recommendations to government and its private and third sector partners on how barriers to digital inclusion can be overcome so that everyone in Scotland can benefit from the digital revolution. Consultation on that Report has allowed us to refine those recommendations and to consider in more depth questions on the responsibilities of a digtial soceiety.

This Inquiry was launched in February 2013 with an initial consultation period to August. The Interim Report was published in early December for feedback by 8 February 2014. The Inquiry's final report was published on 30 April 2014.



Committee Members:

Prof Michael Fourman FRSE (Committee Chair)

Prof Alan Alexander OBE FRSE (Committee Co-Chair)

Prof Frank Bechhofer FRSE

Dr Janet Brown FRSE

Norman Macaskill

Dr Darryl Mead (to December 2013)

Prof Johanna Moore FRSE

Nicola Osborne

Dr Sarah Skerratt

Martyn Wade

Chris Yiu (from December 2013)

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