Scotland and the EU

Scotland and the EU

13 March 2013, 5pm. Venue: The Royal Society of Edinburgh

A public discussion seminar on the legal, political and economic issues around Scottish membership of the European Union in the event of a Yes vote in the referendum

Read the summary report Enlightening the Constitutional Debate - Scotland the the EU


Speakers addressed a range of topics including:

  • The legal position regarding Scottish membership;
  • The process for Scotland becoming a member of the European Union;;
  • The terms on which Scotland might be a member of the EU, including the existing British opt-outs;
  • The political issues around Scottish membership of the EU, including the implications of the proposed UK referendum on the EU;
  • The influence of small states in the EU and the strategies pursued by them within the European institutions.


Peter Jones, freelance journalist at The Economist, The Times, The Scotsman

Speakers: (to view speaker notes click on speaker name below)

Graham Avery, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford & European Policy Centre, Brussels

Neil Walker, Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations, University of Edinburgh

Diana Panke, Professor of Political Science, University of Freiburg.

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