Culture and Broadcasting

Culture and Broadcasting

24 August 2013 in Edinburgh. Venue: The Scottish Parliament

Read summary report of sixth event in the Enlightening the Constitutional Debate series: Culture and Broadcasting

On 24 August 2013 the RSE held a public discussion seminar on the impact of constitutional change on the culture of Scotland. It posed questions on whether Scotland’s artistic, literary and cultural contribution will be enhanced should people choose independence, or whether there is strong evidence that during the three hundred years of the Union Scotland has maintained a vibrant and distinct cultural identity.

It also examined the impact that there might be on the media in Scotland, whether broadcasting, the traditional printed media, or new outlets that have emerged in recent years through the rapid growth of digital communications.


Mr Magnus Linklater, former editor of the Scotsman and also the Scottish edition of the Times

Speakers (to view speaker notes click on speaker name below):

Mr James Boyle, Chairman of the National Library of Scotland and former Head of Radio Scotland and Controller of Radio Four

Mr David Elstein, Chair, Open Democracy

Ms Ruth Wishart, Journalist and Commentator

Rt Hon Brian Wilson, Former MP, Former Minister for Energy and the Founding Editor and Publisher of the West Highland Free Press


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