Events at the British Academy

Events at the British Academy

As part of this series of events the British Academy will be hosting three smaller, more focused policy forums at its headquarters in London. British Academy policy forums provide a neutral arena for a frank, informed debate based on research and evidence. Attendance to the forums on Taxation and Spending after the Scottish Referendum and Currency, Banking and Financial Services are by invitation only, but a short report of the proceedings will be published after the events.

Further information about the events held by the British Academy in this series is available here

Taxation and Spending after the Scottish Referendum. 17 April 2013

Read the summary report of the discussions on Taxation and Spending

This forum is designed to facilitate discussion of the taxation, public spending and block grant scenarios that could unfold after the referendum on Scottish independence. The forum will bring together leading academics, civil servants, politicians and other interested parties to discuss the future of the Barnett Formula (the formula that contributes to the calculation of the block grant to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) if Scotland were to become an independent country, or if the Scotland Act is brought into force. Other key issues to be discussed are the future of formula funding for services relating to health, education and local government in England.

 The forum will be chaired by Professor Lord Paul Bew and includes presentations from a panel of speakers:
    Paul Johnson, Institute for Fiscal Studies
    Gerald Holtham, former Chair of the Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales
    Paul Doyle, HM Treasury

Currency, Banking and Financial Services.  24 July 2013

This forum discussed questions surrounding banking and financial services in the aftermath of the referendum on Scottish independence. The forum discussed the currency options available to an independent Scotland, and implications for fiscal rules and financial regulation. Read summary report of Currency, Banking and Financial Services.

The forum was hosted and chaired by Professor Tim Besley FBA. It included presentations from a panel of speakers:
   Professor John Kay FBA
   Emeritus Professor Charles Goodhart CBE FBA, London School of Economics
   Jan Fidrmuc, Brunel University
   Frances Ruane, The Economic and Social Research Institute
   Dr Gary Gillespie, Chief Economic Adviser, Scottish Government

United Kingdom(s)? Scotland's Referendum and Britain's Future. 5 March 2014. 6pm

On Wednesday 5 March 2014, the British Academy held a public event to discuss the historical, legal and constitutional issues that will arise in the aftermath of the referendum on Scottish independence. The intention of this forum was to discuss the possible constitutional framework of a newly independent Scotland, the legal ramifications of this, as well as the impact on Scotland’s membership of the EU. Other key issues discussed were the historical arguments for and against greater autonomy. 

Read the summary report on Scotland's Referendum and Britain's Future

The event was hosted by Professor Neil Walker FBA and  chaired by the BBC's Sally Magnusson, speakers include:

  • Professor Michael Keating FBA FRSE (Aberdeen)
  • Professor Adam Tomkins (Glasgow)
  • Professor Vernon Bogdanor CBE FBA (King’s College London)
  • Professor John Curtice FRSA FRSE (Strathclyde)


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