June 2013

June 2013

24th June 2013: Lecture/Ordinary Meeting : Vaccines to Prevent and Treat Cancer

Speaker : Professor Ian Frazer, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Research, Translational Research Institute, Brisbane

Read the summar report on Professor Frazers lecture on Vaccines to Prevent and Treat Cancer

Virus infections are responsible for about one in five humabn cancers. In his lecture Professor Frazer discussed how this knowledge has been used to develop vaccines for the prevention of cervical cancer, and how they have been shown to be effective. The challenge is to see them used in the developing world, where the majority of cervical cancers occur.

This lecture was in association with the Scottish Cancer Foundation, supported by The Cruden Foundation.

20th June 2013: The Real Economy

Read the summary report - Enlightening the Constitutional Debate - The Real Economy

On 20 June 2013 the RSE hosted a public discussion on “The Real Economy”. This examined how the various constitutional options, whether devolution as defined in the Scotland Act 2012, further devolution as being discussed by various parties, or independence as proposed by the Scottish Government, are likely to influence the future economic performance of Scotland.

Much of the debate on independence in particular has concentrated on fiscal and monetary policy. In the “Real Economy” discussion it examined the likely impact of those on key sectors of the economy such as energy, tourism, food & drink, manufacturing, infrastructure & transport, discussing the economic levers that are appropriate to enabling these and other sectors of the economy to flourish, and the effects on trade and labour of the constitutional options.

17th June 2013: Scotland Rocks!

Speaker: Professor Iain Stewart, University of Plymouth & BBC Presenter

Read the summary report of Professor Stewart's lecture on Scotlands Rocks!

Iain Stewart examined the remarkable geological heritage of Scotland and explored how we protect this magnificent legacy and how best we communicate the importance of the rocks beneath our feet to fellow Scots.

This event formed a part of the RSE@Lochaber programme.

14th June 2013: Feeding 9 Billion People

Speaker: Professor Maggie Gill OBE FRSE, University of Aberdeen

Read the summary report of Maggie Gill's talk on Feeding 9 Billion People

The human population is expected to reach 9 billion sometime around 2050. Given that even at present around 1 billion people don't have enough to eat, how can the world grow enough food to feed 9 billion? This talk illustrated the many factors which affect the availability of food (e.g. climate, waste and choice of diet) and gave suggestions on what each of us can do to help ensure that 9 billion people can indeed be fed.

This event formed a part of the RSE@Lochaber programme.

4th and 5th June 2013: Conference: Franco British Marine Energy conference: New Waves in Marine Energy

Read summary report of the Franco-British conference on New Waves in Marine Energy

This two-day workshop, held from 4-5 June, at the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) was organised by the RSE in partnership with the French Embassy, in association with the SuperGen UK Centre for Marine Energy Research and with the participation of France Energies Marines. It provided an opportunity for scientists, engineers and stakeholders to share experience, best practice and views in research, development, demonstration and deployment of arrays of tidal and wave energy converters in the UK and in France, and to generally raise awareness of French and British science.


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