October 2013

October 2013

29th October 2013: Launch of report and policy paper from February conference, Women's Reproductive Health across the Lifecourse - Implications for Public Policy

This launch event presented the report and policy paper that were produced from the conference which took place in February entitled: Women’s Reproductive Health across the Lifecourse - Implications for Public Policy.

A panel of experts presented the findings, followed by an open discussion with audience members and an opportunity to network.

24th October 2013: Conference: The First Hundred Years of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

Read the summary conference report of The First Hundred Years of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh

The Scottish Enlightenment meant much more than philosophy, rhetoric and political economy: the reputation of Edinburgh medicine and chemistry teaching was to spread throughout Europe and North America. In 1713, James Crawford was appointed first professor and many distinguished chair-holders followed. Large numbers of students travelled from afar to attend the innovative lectures of William Cullen and brilliant lecture demonstrations of Joseph Black (discoverer of carbon dioxide) later in the century. This tercentenary conference in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh considered the rise in the public’s curiosity for chemistry: how, exactly one century after Crawford’s appointment, the professor of chemistry was attracting 515 subscribers to his annual course of chemistry. It was followed by a concert entitled "A Musical Celebration of Chemistry" at the Assembly Rooms, George Street.

17th October 2013: Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Science and Higher Education

Read the summary report from the Enlightening the Constitutional debate series on Science and Higher Education

On 17 October 2013 the RSE held a public discussion seminar at the The King's College Conference Centre Auditorium, Kings College, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, on the possible impacts of constitutional change upon Science and Higher education.

This seminar examined the possible affects of Scottish independence upon the ability and ease with which students are able to cross the border to take up Higher Education opportunities, and how this might affect the accessibility of Higher Education for those in the UK and those in Scotland. The seminar also looked at Research Funding, particularly funding for research in the sciences, and asked how UK Research Councils will decide to allocate funding in the event of Scotland leaving the UK.


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