2014 Events

2014 Events

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December 2014

RSE/RIP Joint Lecture: Liberal Democracy and the Challenge of Authoritarian Capitalism

Talk Science @ Irvine Bay 2014-15 - Does what we eat Matter?

Sir John Cass's Foundation Lecture: Education policy and Scottish autonomy: the end of a common British tradition?

November 2014

Brainwaves - An Interview with Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

RSE Christmas Lecture 2014 - Meet the Frackers: A Geological Perspective on UK Shale Gas?

Cormack Lecture: Further Adventures of the Curiosity Rover in Gale Crater, Mars

SUPA Cormack Astronomy Meeting

MacCormick European Lecture: Diversity and Interdependence in Science and Europe: Centuries of Enrichment and Struggle

October 2014

Franco-Scottish Public Lecture: Multiple Sclerosis: has research got us to the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

Franco-Scottish Seminar: Towards Repair in Multiple Sclerosis

RSE-NSFC Workshop: Marine Science with a focus on Biodiversity

Lecture:  Launch Lecture of the Confucius Institute for Scotland's Business Lecture series delivered by Sir Sebastian Wood KCMG, Britain's Ambassador to China

Presidential Address: Reflections on the Public Health Service and its Future

September 2014

Lecture in association with the Scottish Cancer Foundation and the Cruden Foundation: Cancer Genomes for Cancer Care

Discussion Forum: Invasive Species - Friends or Foes?

July 2014

Discussion on Research Funding with UK Minister for Universities, Science and Cities, The Rt. Hon. Dr Greg Clark MP; and The Rt. Hon. David Willetts MP

June 2014

Discussion Forum: The Future of Particle Physics and CERN

Discussion Forum: Sir Walter Scott's Legacy and the new Science of Reading

Discussion Forum: Should I vote? Yes or No?

Discussion on Research Funding with Cabinet Secretary, Michael Russell MSP

Lecture: A la Recherche du Temps Perdu: The Past in Literature from Scott to Proust

RSE/EIF Event - The James Plays

Lecture/Ordinary Meeting: Metals, Minerals and Microbes - Geomicrobiology and Bioremediation

May 2014

Conference: CUSP2014: The Geoscience Context for Europe's Urban Sustainability - Lessons from Glasgow and beyond

Early Stage Researchers' Workshop (CUSP-COST)

Edinburgh Lecture 2014: Challenges and Opportunities in Future Cities

2013 Sir James Black Prize Lecture: The Cultures of Apes and Other Animals

April 2014

2013 Sir James Black Prize Lecture: “There and back...and there again” Translational/Reverse Translational Medicine

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Launch of Series Report

Conference: Computation in Finance and Insurance, post-Napier

Lecture: Artist and Model: A Drawing Demonstration and Lecture on the Structure of the Human Musculature

March 2014

RSE/RAEng Joint Annual Lecture: Bridging the Gap between Vision and Experience

All Day Workshops and Evening Discussion Forum: In Memoriam

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: United Kingdom(s)? Scotland's Referendum and Britain's Future

Lord Kelvin Prize Lecture: Troubled Waters - Big Waves beneath the Sea Surface

February 2014

Lecture: Great Ideas of Biology

Michael Shea Memorial Lecture - The Possible Scot: Realising Scotland's Potential for Wellbeing and Recovery

Franco-Scottish Computer Science Seminar

SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture: Running out of Land - a New Global Challenge

January 2014

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Currency Banking and Taxation


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