RSE@Scottish Borders

RSE@Scottish Borders

RSE@Scottish Borders 2014–16

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has developed a high quality programme of activities for young people and the wider public of the Scottish Borders during 201416.

 As Scotland’s National Academy, it is the role of the RSE to promote the education of young people and the wider public throughout Scotland, from the Borders to the Northern Isles. Through its wide-ranging programme of activities and the expertise of its Fellowship, the Society seeks to stimulate and develop people’s interest in science, society, culture, and the arts.

The RSE@ project is a programme of outreach activities involving active engagement with schools and the wider public delivered in an area outside the Central Belt. We ran a very successful pilot scheme in Arbroath in 2008-9, followed by larger projects in Dumfries and Galloway in 2010-11 and Lochaber in 2012-13. The aim of these initiatives is to enhance and improve the understanding and appreciation that people, particularly school-aged children, have for their local community.

Following the success of these projects, the RSE is delivering a similar, locally tailored programme in the Scottish Borders region during 2014-16.

The RSE@Scottish Borders Public Talk programme includes topics such as:

  • What made the Borders? - from the Romans to the Union of the Crowns
  • Pioneering Borderers - Borderers who have explored the world
  • Women and the stars - celebrating the International Year of Light during 2015
  • Borderers and The Enlightenment
  • Language and Literature
  • A Sixteenth Century Murder Mystery
  • Landscape and Geology
  • The Science of Fashion

The Public Talk programme will finish in December 2015, however, the RSE@Scottish Borders project will continue to work with local schools until Spring 2016.

The RSE is seeking support from individuals, organisations and charitable foundations who feel the RSE@Programme is worthwhile. To find out more on how you can offer support please contact us.


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