The RSE and the Media

The RSE seeks to work in co-operation with members of the distinctive Scottish Media and journalists elsewhere, valuing our good relations with them. We commend skilful, accurate reporting of, and informed objective comment on the broad range of educational activities in which we are engaged and appreciate the influential role Journalists play in disseminating information and shaping opinion.

We aim to offer Members of the Media:

Access to lectures & conferences on topics of interest to the specialist and to the general public on matters of national and international importance

Provision for interviews to be conducted and photographs taken where speakers are willing (we encourage them to co-operate)

Independent, expert comment on a range of issues which impact on the well-being of Scotland and beyond

Background information and expert briefing for journalists upon request, where time permits & party politics are not involved. 

The opportunity for Journalists to contribute to events in their own right (occasionally under Chatham House rules)

For Media Inquiries, please contact:

Bristow Muldoon or Hannah Smith
The Royal Society of Edinburgh
22-26 George Street
Tel. 0131 240 5000

Email: Click here to use contact form, or use address


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