2015 Events

2015 Events

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December 2015

RSE/RIP Joint Lecture - Scientific Generalisations: What's so good about missing out all the differences?

RSE@Scottish Borders 2015-16 public programme - What is (and was) Scots? Answers and questions from an historical perspective

Sir James Black Prize Lecture - Sleeping sickness in sub-Saharan Africa

November 2015

2015 RSE Christmas Lecture - Stampy's Christmas Cake Caper (An Adventure in YouTubing)

Conference - SUPA Cormack Astronomy Meeting

RSE@Scottish Borders 2014–15 public programme - The Thirty-Nine Steps to Governor General

2015 IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Medal - Our travels through time: envisioning historical waves of technological innovation

Conference - The Science of Beauty

Conference - Inspiring Brilliance: Celebrating Maxwell's Genius and Legacy

MacCormick European Lecture - Enlightenment: A Matter of Urgency

RSE/MoST Workshop - Neuroscience

October 2015

RSE@The Holywood Trust Programme - Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Opening a New Window on the Universe

Talk Science @ Irvine Bay 2014-2015 - In Conversation – Ian Rankin and Professor Sue Black

Franco-Scottish Seminar - Energy Conversion and Storage: Fuels to Electrons and Electrons to Fuels

September 2015

RSE@ScottishBorders - A Sixteenth Century Murder Mystery: Who Killed Lord Darnley?

Lord Kelvin Prize Lecture - The Twist in Light’s Tail

Conference - Constitutional Change in Canada and the UK - Challenges to Devolution and Federalism

August 2015

RSE-NSFC Workshop - Sensors and Imaging Systems - Hyper spectral imaging technologies: • Remote surveying of marine energy sites • Land use monitoring • Water body surveying including flood monitoring and prevention

RSE@ScottishBorders Lecture - Bordering on the Supernatural

June 2015

Lecture - Burns: 'A Fiddler and Poet'

RSE/Academy of Social Sciences One-day conference - Social science in Scotland over the next decade

RSE@ScottishBorders Lecture - Women and the Stars - UNESCO International Year of Light 2015

TalkScience@Irvine Bay 2014/15 - Large Hadron Collider - what it might tell us about the Universe

Lecture - Making a difference - how to reduce cancer occurence and recurrence

May 2015

Conference - Climate Change: Science and Society

RSE@ScottishBorders Lecture - 'A Good Man in Africa': Mungo Park, the Niger and Late Enlightenment Exploration

Discussion - Lanark: in conversation with Graham Eatough

Discussion Forum - Ethics and Professions: Banking

April 2015

BP Hutton Prize in Energy Innovation Lecture - Removing the Fossil from the Fuel

Edinburgh International Science Festival - Jocelyn Bell Burnell In Conversation

Talk Science @ Irvine Bay 2014-2015 - The Making, Keeping and Losing of Memory

March 2015

Talk Science @ Irvine Bay 2014-15 - The Evolution of Cultures in Apes and other Animals

RSE@TheScottishBorders lecture - From Banditry to Books: Enlightening the Scottish Borders

Public Lecture and Debate with European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Commissioner Carlos Moedas - Science without borders
Jointly arranged by the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society and the RSE.

RSE/RAEng Lecture 2015 - Light, Energy and the Internet

Discussion Forum - Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Further Powers for Scotland what does the draft legislation mean in practice?

February 2015

RSE@The Scottish Borders Launch Event - What Made the Borders? From the Romans to the Union of the Crowns

Event Launch: International Year of Light
Launch of the Light Box
Maxwell on Light, Colour and Electromagnetism

Lecture - Eating disorders in Scotland: How will we manage?

Talk Science @ Irvine Bay 2014-15 - The Rise and Rise of Video Games in Scotland

Peter Wilson Lecture 2015 - Feeding the future: can we do it sustainably?

January 2015

RSE/MoST Workshop - Sensors and Imaging and their Applications including Medical Areas


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