August 2015

August 2015

26th-28th August 2015: RSE-NSFC Workshop on Sensors and Imaging Systems

The topic for this seminar was Sensors and Imaging Systems - Hyper spectral imaging technologies:
• Remote surveying of marine energy sites
• Land use monitoring
• Water body surveying including flood monitoring and prevention

The workshop was held at Beihang University, Beijing, China. Workshop participants presented their work in this area, discussed their work with the other participants and explored opportunities for international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland and China. Visits to NERCITA to the Science and Technology on Inertial Lab, Beihang University were also arranged as part of the workshop. 

Following on from this workshop, the intention is that participants will submit an application to the RSE-NSFC Joint Project Scheme to support a two-year research project in this subject area, based on the discussions that took place during the course of the workshop. The Joint Project funding is designed to facilitate international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland and China.  For each project, the RSE provides up to £6,000 per year for international travel and subsistence, including research expenses. The NSFC provides a similar level of funding to the Chinese counterpart. The funding is seen as seed money to enable further collaboration and funding in the future.

22 August 2015: RSE@ScottishBorders public lecture: Bordering on the Supernatural

Read the summary report of Bordering on the Supernatural

Speakers:  Professor Douglas Gifford FRSE, Emeritus Professor of Scottish Literature, University of Glasgow, Prof. Kirsteen McCue, Head of Scottish Literature, School of Critical Studies, University of Glasgow and Dr Lizanne Henderson Lecturer in History , University of Glasgow.

This event took place at Bowhill House, Selkirk, where three expert speakers discussed the engagement with the supernatural in Borders Literature, notably in the Border Ballads and in the work of Walter Scott and James Hogg.


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