Press Releases / 2008

Press Releases / 2008

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November 2008

Scottish genius James Clerk Maxwell receives recognition in city of his birth

EU Rules for Bluetongue Vaccination increase the movement of potentially infected animals across Europe and should be changed


October 2008

Imaging innovation could transform surgery, facial recognition & fun


September 2008

Over £3.8 Million for New Research in Scotland

Independent Inquiry Calls for New Policy to Avert Crisis in Hill & Island Agriculture


August 2008

Media Launch - Independent Inquiry into the Future of Scotland's Hills and Island

Entrepreneurs shortlisted for Scotlands top innovation award

Royal Gold Medals for outstanding achievement


June 2008

Film Experts to debate what it takes to be a ‘National’ cultural flagship in Film

Arbroath Students to Slay Dragons with Sharp Ideas

Ideas for Excellence getting Lost in Translation


May 2008

Enlightened Fellows See Value of Business Development


April 2008

Threat to UK Research Facilities – Leading Scientists Share Concern of New Report

£70 Million Ideas–Business Scheme Seeks New Applicants


March 2008

Lord Fraser to highlight Red Lichties’ impact on the world

New Expertise Strengthens RSE Fellowship

Distinguished Diplomat to be next RSE President


February 2008

Independent Inquiry’s Evidence-gathering Visit to Orkney

New collaboration explores & celebrates Arbroath

Commandos in Arbroath

National Cultural Flagships’ Maiden Voyage


January 2008

Independent Inquiry’s Evidence-gathering Visit to Dumfries & Galloway


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