Joint Projects

Joint Projects

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Joint Projects

The RSE–CASS Joint Project scheme is designed to facilitate international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland and China. A grant is provided to researchers to cover travel, subsistence and research expenses.

This scheme is available for Scottish-based researchers only, and is not available for researchers based in the rest of the UK. Researchers based outside Scotland may wish to apply to the Royal Society (of London) Joint Project scheme.

The collaboration should be based on a single project, with two teams or individuals based in Scotland and China. A relationship must have already been establishd between the Scotland-based and China-based researchers. The collaboration should involve bilateral exchanges between Scotland and China (applications will only be considered for bilateral, not multi-lateral, projects).


The subject areas for the 2017 Joint Project Scheme are: 

  • Reform of the Public Sector
  • Smart Cities and Sustainable Development
  • Improvement of Public Health and Healthcare
  • Fiscal Policy

For work outside this area, applicants may wish to consider applying to the Royal Society (of London) Joint Project scheme.


Joint Projects are intended for researchers of proven ability, employed by research institutions in Scotland and China. The Project Leaders must be of at least postdoctoral status or equivalent. The Project Leader from China must be eligible to apply for a CASS grant.

Application Forms

Application forms will be available in a due course.

Duration of the Joint Project grant

The Joint Project scheme runs for two years.

Value of award

The RSE grant provides a maximum of £6,000 per year. This funding is to be used for travel and subsistence, with the option of using up to £1,000 on research expenses. A similar level of funding will be provided by CASS to the China based applicant.

Closing dates

The closing date (for Joint Projects commencing in May 2017) is 24 February 2017.


If you would like any further information about this scheme or the submission of your application, please contact


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