Enlightening the European Debate

Enlightening the European Debate

On 23 June 2016 the UK had a Referendum to determine if it should remain or leave the European Union.

Leading up to this the RSE, the Centre on Constitutional Change, and UK in a Changing Europe held a series of events aimed at enlightening the debate. These examined the implications for the UK of either decision and considered the key issues, including: fiscal matters and trade; freedom of movement; social Europe; the environment; and the impact on devolved areas such as Scotland.

The series was launched on 16 February 2016, with Understanding European Challenges which examined the overall landscape. Reports of events in the series:

Understanding European Challenges (February 2016)
The UK in Europe: In or Out? (March 2016, Aberdeen)
Economics of the Choice (May 2016)
The UK in Europe: In our Out? (May 2016, Inverness)
Living and Working in Europe (June 2016)
Constitutional Options (June 2016)

The series' position papers are available here


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