2016 Events

2016 Events

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October 2016

Joint RSE/DHI Lecture: Prosperity and Inequality: from the Enlightenment to BREXIT and Donald Trump

Debate Series: Inequality: Good for the Rich, Bad for the Economy?

September 2016

Lecture: Facing Beethoven: Literature, Sculpture and Identity

Conference: Minding Scotland's Money, Economic governance for an increasingly devolved Scotland - what checks? what balances

Lecture/Ordinary Meeting: Is Cancer Screening Good for Your Health?

August 2016

Discussion: After Brexit. What next for the UK and Scotland? Part of the Festival of Politics.

Discussion: Frontier Women - Where are all the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Part of the Festival of Politics.

Discussion: Scottish Responses to the Refugee Crisis. Part of the Festival of Politics.

June 2016

Lecture: An Audience with Professor Muhammad Yunus

Crawick Multiverse Summer Solstice Celebration Weekend

EIF Discussion Event - 'Anything that Gives off Light' - In Discussion with Davey Anderson 

AMR Conference - The Ticking Time Bomb of Antimicrobial Resistance - What can we do and where should we go next?

SCI Lister Lecture - AMR: The Global Problem

EU referendum debate - Constitutional Options

GM Crop Discussion - Growing tomorrow's dinner - should GM be on the table?

EU referendum debate - Living and Working in Europe

May 2016

EU referendum debate -  The UK in Europe. In or Out?, UHI, Inverness

EU Referendum debate - The Economics of the Choice

RSE/Sir James Black Prize Lecture - Cures and Curiosities in Arthritis - towards a brighter future?

April 2016

Talk Science @ Irvine Bay Public Lecture - The Great British Brain Off

EISF joint discussion event with Royal Society, London - Science education - why do we need it?

Lord Kelvin Prize Lecture - Best of both worlds? How scale affects science and engineering for society

March 2016

Question and Answer event with the Centre on Constitutional Change, UK in a Changing Europe and the University of Aberdeen - The UK in Europe. In or Out? 

Public talk - Talk Science @ Irvine Bay - Do Zoos have a place in today's Society?

RSE Adam Smith Prize Lecture - Glasgow and Scotland's Gold Medal Moment: The Chairman's Perspective

Joint annual RSE/RAEng Lecture - Investing in Innovation - Fintech for the Future and Technology for our Times

February 2016

Public talk -  Talk Science @ Irvine Bay - Scotland Rocks - A Tartan Tour of Planet Earth

Joint annual RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture - Lost in Translation

Discussion Forum - Life in the Soil: Does it Matter?

Full Day Conference - Understanding European Challenges 


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