May 2016

May 2016

31 May 2016: The UK in Europe. In or Out?

University of the Highlands and Islands - Inverness Campus Beechwood Building, Inverness

Read the summary report on the discussion on The UK in Europe. In or Out?

The United Kingdom faces a momentous decision, whether to leave or to remain in the European Union. Voters, who will soon be asked to settle the matter in a referendum, are looking for more information and impartial analysis.

At this meeting, we discussed the issues at stake with the help of a panel of academic specialists.

Among the matters we covered are:

  • The impact of the EU on the economy and jobs
  • Immigration
  • European and national security
  • The political implications of Europe
  • National sovereignty
  • Impact on the North of Scotland

We also looked at the Government’s negotiations, the EU response and what it will mean for our future.

Professor Ian Bryden, FRSE, Vice-Principal, University of the Highlands and Islands

Professor Paul Beaumont, FRSE, (University of Aberdeen)
Professor Laura Cram (University of Edinburgh), Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe programme
Dr Malcolm Harvey (University of Aberdeen), UK in a Changing Europe programme
Professor Michael Keating, FRSE (University of Aberdeen), Director of Centre on Constitutional Change Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe programme

The event report is available here.

23 May 2016: EU Referendum Debate: The Economics of the Choice

The view of the UK Government is that the renegotiation of the terms of Britain’s EU membership has secured significant changes to the terms of membership and that remaining in the EU has many significant economic advantages for the UK. Opponents argue that little has changed and that if the UK remains in the EU it will face increasing interference in economic and social policy to the detriment of long-run economic performance. This event considered the economics of the choice to either remain in or leave the EU, and how trade could be affected by the Referendum’s result.  There was a question and answer session following the presentations.

  • Chair: Peter Jones, Freelance Journalist 
  • Presentation: Some (Macro) Economic Aspects of the European Referendum: Professor Anton Muscatelli FRSA FRSE FAcSS, Principal, University of Glasgow
  • Presentation: Trade and the 2016 European Referendum: Professor Ronald MacDonald, University of Glasgow
  • Question and answer session: Professor Anton Muscatelli, Professor Ronald MacDonald and Professor Charles Nolan FRSE, University of Glasgow

The event report is available here.

9 May 2016: Cures and Curiosities in Arthritis - towards a brighter future?

Speaker: Professor Iain McInnes FRSE FMedSci,  Muirhead Professor of Medicine & ARUK Professor of Rheumatology, University of Glasgow.

Read the summary report of Professor McInnes' lecture on Cures and Curiosities in Arthritis - towards a brighter future?

This annual RSE/Sir James Black Prize Lecture discussed the critical interface between clinical medicine and drug discovery that, appropriately harnessed, can transform the lives of people with these debilitating diseases.

Professor Iain McInnes was awarded with the Sir James Black Prize for his outstanding contribution to the field of immunology through his work in establishing the GLAZgo Discovery Centre which aims to create better medicines for patients.


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