Position Papers

Position Papers

Some (Macro) Economic Aspects of the European Referendum, Professor Anton Muscatelli and Professor Charles Nolan.

Trade and the 2016 European Referendum, Professor Ronald MacDonald.

The European Referendum - Labour Markets, Migration and Benefits, Professor David Bell and Professor Robert Elliott. 

European Union Immigration, Professor Christina Boswell. 

Social Policy in the European Union, Dr Ingela Naumann and Richard Brodie.

In, Out or In-Between? Britain’s Uncertain Place in Europe after the European Referendum, Professor Neil Walker.

The European Union, the Nations and the Regions, Professor Charlie Jeffery, Professor Michael Keating and Professor Iain McLean 

The European Union and Human Rights, Dr Tobias Lock

Environment, Energy and Climate, Professor Pete Smith Professor Rebecca Lunn and Dr Jennifer Roberts

The European Union: Agriculture, Food and Rural Policy Issues, Dr Alan Greer


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