June 2016

June 2016

27 June 2016: An Audience with Professor Muhammad Yunus

Read the summary report on an audience with Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Professor Yunus is a world-renowned entrepreneur who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for founding the Grameen Bank. He is regarded by individuals such as Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson as an inspirational leader.

24-26 June 2016: Crawick Multiverse Summer Solstice Celebration Weekend

A festival of art, science and music, including talks from Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell PRSE and an exhibition of the work of Charles Jencks with Alex Rigg.

21 June 2016: 'Anything That Gives Off Light' - In discussion with Davey Anderson

Read the summary report of the conversation between Davey Anderson and Professor Jan McDonald on the EIF play, Anything That Gives Off Light.

This 'in conversation' style event, organised by The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Edinburgh International Festival, saw co-writer and Associate Director of Anything That Gives Off Light, Davey Anderson, discuss the play which makes its World premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival this year with Professor Jan McDonald FRSE, Professor Emerita and Honorary Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, University of Glasgow.

8 June 2016: The Ticking Time Bomb of AMR - What can we do and where should we go next?

Read the summary report of the panel discussion on The Ticking Time Bomb of AMR - what can we do and where should we go next?

The Royal Society of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) and The Young Academy of Scotland, hosted series of Exhibitions and interactive sessions on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Manned by leading members of Scotland's scientific community, there was a range of exhibits on offer from introducing bugs, their growth and resistance, to displaying and showcasing some of Scotland’s latest technologies in the field. In addition to these Exhibitions, The Young Academy of Scotland Working Group, Research The Headlines, held a one-off workshop on ‘Exploring Stakeholder Perspectives in Antimicrobial Resistance’.

An Expert Panel Debate, Chaired by Francisca Mutapi, The Young Academy of Scotland, offered up the chance to hear from some of Scotland’s distinguished leaders within Antimicrobial Resistance who tackled some prominent questions around the AMR issue.

8 June 2016: AMR - The Global Problem

Read the summary report of Dame Sally's talk on AMR - The Global Problem

Speaker: Dame Sally Davies DBE FRS, Chief Medical Officer for England and Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a complex issue, requiring a complex global solution. Dame Sally discussed the problem of AMR, set out why it is such a problem now and the challenges that mean there is no easy solution. She looked at the international achievements to date and looked ahead to the action needed.

This Lister Memorial Lecture, named after Sir Joseph Lister, was organised in partnership with the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI).

Read the full programme for the day.

7 June 2016: Constitutional Options

Ahead of a referendum on membership, the UK's relationship with the EU is centre stage right now. This event brought together a panel of experts for a discussion of the key issues in the debate on the UK and Europe.

Read the summary report on the discussion on Constitutional Options

Chair: Sir Muir Russell KCB DL FRSE
Presentation: In, Out or In-Between? Britain’s Uncertain Place in Europe after the European Referendum: Professor Neil Walker FBA, FRSE, University of Edinburgh
Presentation: Professor Michael Keating FBA, FRSE, University of Aberdeen
Question and answer session: Professor Neil Walker, Professor Michael Keating, Professor Iain McLean FBA, FRSE, Nuffield College, Oxford, Professor Michael Keating and Dr Tobias Lock, University of Edinburgh  

6 June 2016: Growing Tomorrow's Dinner - should GM be on the table?

Read the summary report of the discussion on Growing Tomorrow's Dinner - should GM be on the table?

Ensuring everyone has enough to eat is one of this century’s global challenges. The global population is growing, consumption patterns are changing and the impacts of climate change and growing scarcity of water and land are putting pressure on our ability to grow enough food.

There are promising techniques and technologies that can address this. By selectively breeding, we can develop crops that can grow in difficult, changing conditions. GM technologies can also be used to achieve similar results faster and to address some problems that cannot be solved through conventional selective breeding. However almost a third of people feel that the risks of GM crops outweigh the benefits and most do not feel informed about them. Do we need to take another look at technologies such as GM to see if they can offer solutions to this global challenge?

This event explored whether GM should be one of the options on the table, and what principles should be in place so that the public can have confidence in how they are used.

Speakers included:
Professor Neva Haites OBE FRSE FMedSc, Vice President for Life Sciences, The Royal Society of Edinburgh (Chair)
Nick von Westenholz, Chief Executive, Crop Protection Association
Stephen Tindale, Climate and Energy Policy Consultant and former Director of Greenpeace UK
Professor Jim Dunwell, Professor of Plant Biotechnology, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading

This was a joint event with the Royal Society, London.

1 June 2016: Living and Working in Europe

This event examined what it means to live and work in Europe, either with the UK as a continuing member, or with some new form of relationship with the EU that would be negotiated following a leave vote. The event  received presentations on issues including: employment regulation; labour mobility; competitiveness; social policy; welfare; and migration. There was an extended period of questions and answers to enable there to be audience participation.

Read the summary report on the discussion on Living and Working in Europe

The Royal Society of Edinburgh

Ken MacDonald, BBC Scotland
6.00 pm
Welcome/Introduction from Chair
6.05 pm
Presentation: People and Work: Professor David Bell FRSE, University of Stirling
6.20 pm
Presentation: Wider Social Matters: Richard Brodie, Edinburgh Europa Insitute, School of Social & Political Science, University of Edinburgh
6.35 pm
Presentation: Migration: Professor Christina Boswell, University of Edinburgh
6.50 pm
Question and Answer Session: Professor David Bell and Professor Christina Boswell
7.55 pm
Concluding Remarks
8.00 pm
Event Close


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