October 2016

October 2016

10 October 2016: Joint RSE/DHI Lecture: Prosperity and Inequality: from the Enlightenment to BREXIT and Donald Trump

Read the summary report of Professor Deaton's lecture on Prosperity and Inequality: from the Enlightenment to BREXIT and Donald Trump

Speaker:  Professor Sir Angus Stewart Deaton FBA HonFRSE, Dwight D Eisenhower Professor of International Affairs and Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Emeritus, Princeton University

The world is an immensely better place than it is has ever been. Human ingenuity, liberated by the Enlightenment, brought revolutions in productivity and in health. People live longer, and they have better lives. Yet progress has brought great inequalities, because many were left behind, creating the huge global health and income inequalities that we see today. Sir Angus Deaton went on to explre that within countries, some do very much better than others. In today’s America, whites with relatively little education have done particularly badly, even to the extent of suffering falls in life expectancy. This has much to do with the success of Donald Trump. The perpetual dance of progress and of inequality has characterized much of human history, and remains relevant for the economics and politics of today.

Sir Angus Deaton FBA HonFRSE was presented with the RSE Royal Medal and admitted to Honorary Fellowship of The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

This was a joint lecture with the David Hume Institute.

4 October 2016: Debate: Inequality: Good for the Rich, Bad for the Economy

This event was part of the British Academy Debates on Inequalities.

The audienced was joined by a panel of experts who discussed issues such as: what impact does inequality have upon a nation’s economic prosperity?; and do big disparities in wealth and income signal a strong and healthy economy and society, or do they, in fact, hinder economic growth and sustainability?


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