Bulletin for Fellows

Bulletin for Fellows

The monthly news bulletin for RSE Fellows

2016 Issues

October 2016 - RSE Royal Medals for 2016 and reminder of call for 2017 nominations; new RSE website and email address; Annual Statutory meeting; usual updates on discussion mornings, Research Awards, Events and the Young Academy of Scotland.

September 2016 - News of special event: Professor Sheila Rowan MBE FRSE discusses, What good is a Chief Scientific Adviser?; dates for presentation of 2016 Royal Medals; details about the Annual Statutory meeting; reminder about ballot for election of next Council members and Office Bearers and of the call for nominations for RSE Medals and Prizes 2017.

August 2016 - Call for nominations for RSE Royal Medals & Prizes 2017; dates for Fellows' coffee morning discussions; current RSE awards and coming events; new NERC Enterprise Fellowships announced.

July 2016 - RSE signs joint statement on Research & Innovation after the EU referendum, with 6 other National Academies; Dame Jocelyn gives evidence to the House of Lords; RSE response to House of Commons Science & Technology Committee Inquiry; letter to National Academies and overseas members of ALLEA; RSE Summer 2016 edition of ReSourcE published; new members of Young Academy of Scotland announced; further details of plans for building to operate as fringe venue in August.

June 2016 - Congratulations to Fellows in Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Honours List 2016; announcement of new Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland (CSA) and members of the Scottish Science Advisory Council (SSAC); Coffee morning discussion meeting dates from October 2016-March 2017; and arrangements for the RSE as an Edinburgh Fringe Festival Venue this year.

May 2016 - Science Scotland Issue 19 - an update on the Scottish Innovation Centres, now published; photographs of new Fellows Induction day 2016 now online; details of forthcoming events in enlightening the EU debate series; special summer solstice celebration at Crawick multiverse, featuring Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell; and special event with the Edinburgh International Festival.

April 2016 - Science Scotland Issue 18, Focusing on the RSE Young Academy of Scotland, now published; places available at the New Fellows Induction ceremony in May; reminder about nominations for Fellowship; RSE joins the CaSE; more events in the Enlightening the European Debate series; and usual news of coming grants, research awards and events.

March 2016 - RSE quarterly newsletter, ReSourcE now published; 56 new Fellows announced; reminder of request for nominations for new Fellows by 31 May; President's portrait unveiled; Young Academy now recruiting for next cohort; plus round up of current information on grants, awards, events and staff news.

February 2016 - Unveiling of President's portrait; reminder of call for nominations for new Office Bearers; reminder of request for updated Gift Aid declarations; Frances Hoggan Medal of LSW; Fellows' Golf; and other updates on RSE activites.

January 2016 - Advert for post of Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland; Fellows honoured in Her Majesty The Queen's New Year Honours list; changes to Gift Aid Declaration; purchase Fellows' certificates and ties; plus updates on coming events and grants and awards currently available.

2015 Issues

December 2015 - Latest issue of RSE newsletter, ReSourcE, now available; ballot for Fellowship 2016; vacancies on RSE International Committee; and usual round up of events, research awards, Fellows' coffee mornings and news of the Young Academy.

November 2015 - Report on some recent events at the RSE; Maxwell to Higgs Exhibition & Booklet; Fellows' coffee mornings until March 2016; news about current research awards and events: and recent staff news.

October 2015 - New Council Members and Office-Bearers; reminder of call for nominations for RSE Royal Medals & Prizes 2016; SSAC - seeking applications for new members and Chair; Maxwell conference to be live-streamed.

September 2015 - Annual Statutory meeting on 26 October 2015; latest RSE newsletter ReSourcE (Autumn 2015) now published; call for nominations for RSE Royal Medals & Prizes 2016; and details of Annual Subscritpion and discounted journal rates for 2015-2016.

August 2015 - Call for nominations for RSE Royal Medals & Prizes 2016; Consultation meeting on BBC Charter; George Street to reopen to two-way traffic; RSE rooms available to hire - 25% discount for Fellows.

July 2015 - Latest RSE newsletter, ReSourcE now published; Direct Debit payment of Fellows' subscriptions; new Scientific Advice Mechanism to replace the post of Chief Scientific Advisor to the EC President; Fellows Coffee morning discussion meetings, dates for October to December. 

June 2015 - Fellows honoured in Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Honours List; Ballot for Election of next Council and Office Bearers; early notice of two conferences in November 2015.

May 2015 - Invitation to Fellows' Summer Reception with Liz Lochhead HonFRSE; early notice of two-day conference on The Science of Beauty in November with several high calibre speakers; coming events in Edinburgh, the Borders and Irvine Bay.

April 2015 - Invitation to New Fellows' Induction and Admission Ceremony for Professor Chungli Bai HonFRSE; deadline for submission of nominations for Fellowship 2016; thank you to Fellows; and special Festival Event on 21 May 2015.

March 2015 - European Commissioner, Carlos Moedas gives his first public lecture in the UK; announcement of new Fellows 2015; reminder of deadline for nominations for Fellowship 2016; advertisement for post of Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland; Spring edition of RSE newsletter ReSourcE published.

February 2015 - Call for nominations for new Office-Bearers; Young Academy workshops; grants for Fellows and research and enterprise awards available now; RSE events in March and April.

January 2015 - Fellows honoured in New Year Honours list; Fellows' Certificates and Ties available to buy; call for comments to inform response to Smith Commission Agreement; EICC InnovationNation Lectures; plus news on deceased Fellows, available grants and research awards, events and RSE staff news.

2014 Issues

December 2014 - Winter edition of RSE newsletter, ReSourcE published; ballot for Fellowship 2015; changes to RSE laws; Evidence and Advice Unit call for comment; request for assistance with Science Scotland publication; plus Fellows deceased, updates on Fellows' coffee mornings, Research Awards, Events, staff news and Young Academy of Scotland.

November 2014 - RSE innovation visit to China; online records; last call for nominations for Royal Medals; Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell speaking at Fellows' coffee morning; invitation to the NLS private viewing and Christmas Fair.

October 2014 - New President and Council members; Fellows' subscriptions and discounted journal rates; call for nominations for Royal Medals and Prizes 2015; Fellows' Coffee mornings; invitation to the National Library of Scotland private viewing and Christmas Fair.

September 2014 - Call for nominations for Royal Medals and Prizes 2015; ASM and Presidential Address; Autumn ReSourcE published; RSE President and President-Elect write to First Minister and Prime Minister following the result of the Referendum.

August 2014 - Annual Statutory Meeting; call for proposals for next RSE major Inquiry; access to RSE building; updated statement on research funding and RSE rooms available for hire.

July 2014 - Publication of David Hume's autobiography - 'My Own Life'; Summer newsletter, ReSourcE now available; Triennial Dinner; Ballot for Election of next Council and Office Bearers; Fellows subscriptions, plus usual updates.

June 2014 - RSE statement on research funding; Royal Medals 2014; ballot for election of next Council and Office Bearers; grants and research awards available now; call for members of Young People's committee.

May 2014 - Royal Medals 2014; Discussion Event for Fellows with Cabinet Secretary, Mike Russell; Fellows' Triennial Dinner; Photographs of New Fellows' Induction 2014 available.

April 2014 - Enlightening the Constitutional Debate - book of the series now published; final report of the Digital Participation Inquiry published; reciprocal benefits with Fellows of the Royal Society of Chemistry; recruitment for new members of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland.

March 2014 - Spring edition of ReSource now online; names of new RSE Fellows announced; reminder of call for nominations for Fellowship 2015; latest news on awards, events and other activities.

February 2014 - Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell announced as new President-elect; request for nominations for Council members; last event in constitutional debate series; coming events; research awards currently available.

January 2014 - Fellows honoured in The Queen's New Years Honours List; Fellows' Certificates; RSE Directory; latest on Young Academy of Scotland; plus updates on: awards and grants currently available; coming events; the constitutional debate and digital participation inquiry.

2013 Issues

December 2013 - Edinburgh's Enlightenment reborn - invitation to an evening with Higgs, Englert and Kibble; call for Horizon 2020 evaluators; coming events; awards available now.

November 2013 - Final call for Nominations for 2014 RSE Royal Medals; latest edition of RSE newsletter, ReSourcE now available; ballot for Fellowship and President; membership of the NLS.

October 2013 - Book of Contratulations for Professor Peter Higgs, awarded Nobel Prize in Physics; new Council members announced at ASM; call for nominations for RSE Royal Medals and Prizes 2014; dates for diaries.

September 2013 - Fellows' Annual Subscription and discounted journal rates; next RSE consultation - responding to Government's consultation on Marine Planning, Marine Protected Areas and the future of Marine Renewables; launch of Young Academy for Scotland 'blog'

August 2013 - ASM on Monday 7 October 2013; dates for Fellows' Coffee mornings October-March 2013; next events in Enlightening the Constitutional Debate series; 3rd floor of RSE building to let.

July 2013 - Reminder of invitation to Royal Medals and IEEE awards ceremony; reminder of ballot for Council and Office bearers; Fellows' Annual Subscription - Direct Debit; request for comments for RSE Inquiries.

June 2013 - Invitation to Royal Medals and IEEE awards ceremony; RSE Fellows on Queen's Birthday Honours list; Ballot for Council and Office Bearers; summer edition of ReSourcE published

May 2013 - Reminder of invitation to Summer Reception; images on web of new Fellows Induction; information on the Digital Participation Inquiry and Enlightening the Constitutional Debate series

April 2013 - Spring edition of ReSourcE published; Young Academy of Scotland New Members Induction; New Fellows' Induction; Fellows' Summer Reception; update on available awards, consultations and events

March 2013 - Announcement of New Fellows, Royal Medallists and Prize Winners for 2013; Election of Fellows for 2014; Fellows questionnaire; Fellows Summer Reception.

February 2013 - RSE Research Awards available now; first event in Enlightening the Constitutional Debate series - Scotland and the EU; launch of Spreading the Benefit of Digital Participation in Scotland Inquiry; reminder of call for nominations for new RSE Vice-President and Trustees.

January 2013 - Fellows in New Year Honours List; Scotland and the UK - Enlightening the Debate - series of events start March; next RSE Inquiry launch - Reaping the Benefits of a Digital Scotland.


2012 Issues

December 2012 - RSE's Oil paintings available to view online; ReSourcE Winter 2012 published; Science Scotland Winter 2012 published; reminder of Ballot for Fellowship.

November 2012 - RSE Christmas Lecture 2012; Ballot for Fellowship; Corporate rate available at the George Hotel; prizes, medals, funding, events now available; latest news from the Young Academy of Scotland.

October 2012 - RSE Newsletter ReSourcE Autumn 2012 now online. Call for nominations for RSE Royal Medals and Prizes and for applications for Fellows' Grants and International Funding. Dates for Fellows' diaries in 2013.

September 2012 - Information regarding the ASM and Fellows' Annual Subscriptions and discounted journal rates; latest news from RSE Young Academy; Fellows' Grants, Prizes, Medals and International Funding opportunities; the RSE@Lochaber programme.

August 2012 - ASM 2012; Fellows' Coffee Morning dates for coming year; accommodation to let on third floor of RSE presmises; deadlines for Research Awards and RSE Prizes and Medals 2013; RSE events and launch of Lochaber programme.

July 2012 - Announcement of 2012 RSE Royal Medals and IEEE/RSE Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Awards 2012; congratulations to Professor Peter Higgs FRS FRSE; ASM and Fellows Annual Subscription details

June 2012 - Fellows honoured in Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Honours List; ballot form for Council and Office bearers; Funding and Grants opportunities

May 2012 - Invitations for nominations and/or applications for various prestigious positions; news of past and future RSE events

April 2012 - New Fellows Induction 14 May 2012; closing date for nominations for 2013 appointments; links to 2011/12 Fellows' Directory and Spring 2012 newsletter, ReSourcE; closing date for next round of Grants for Fellows ..

March 2012 - Includes: Launch of Women in STEM report; Nomination of Fellows for 2013; Fellows grants and international funding opportunities

February 2012 - Fellows appointed to new posts; coming events; Fellows' coffee mornings and golf outing

January 2012 – Final request for nominations for new Council members and Conveners; RSE/Beltane Prize Winners announced; RSE Fellows in Her Majesty The Queen's New Year Honours List 


2011 Issues

December 2011 – Links to Winter 2011 RSE Newsletter, Resource and Young Academy of Scotland brochure. Latest awards and events. Christmas greetings from the Society. 

November 2011 – RSE Christmas Lecture 'live' webcast; applications requested for new Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland; International funding opportunities . . .

October 2011 – New RSE President and General Secretary; call for Royal Medal nominations; dates of 2012 meetings; publication of Autumn ReSourcE

September 2011 – RSE Young Academy of Scotland first cohort announced; ASM and Presidential Lecture; Discussion Forum, 21 November, Science as a Public Enterprise 

August 2011 Fellows' Summer Reception; ASM; RSE Publications Survey

July 2011 – Royal Medals, Fellows' Summer Reception, Women in STEM consultation call for evidence

June 2011 – Royal Medals, Fellows' Summer Reception, Fellows Grants, New RSE Prizes

May 2011 –  New Website, Launch of Alexander Nimmo's Inverness Survey and Journal

April 2011 –  Launch of the RSE Young Academy

March 2011 – Announcement of President-elect and New Fellows.

February 2011 – Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal HonFRSE visits George Street; New Year Honours List

January 2011 – Bell Rock Lighthouse Lecture and Conference


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