Discussion Dinners/Suppers

Discussion Dinners/Suppers


Past Events

Discussion Dinner - Scotland's Constitution

16 November 2009.


Discussion Dinner - Does God Play Dice?

1 September 2008 at 7pm.

Discussion led by Professor Miles Padgett FRSE, Professor of Physics, University of Glasgow

Quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theries ever produced, making accurate predictions both in fundamental science and in the underpinning of today’s technologies. However, although highly accurate as a predictive tool, some aspects of quantum mechanics are not without their opponents. The fact that light has both particle-like and wave-like properties seems odd, but all agree these are simply conveenitn models that we use to describe the way that light behaves. The concerns over quantum mechanics lie much deeper, but they can be understood by considering a few simple experiments.


Discussion Dinner - Future Longevity: Limits to Knowledge

8 April 2008 at 7pm.

Speakers: Mr Douglas Anderson FIA Actuary and Partner Hymans and Robertson, Glasgow and Professor Tom Kirkwood, Director of the Institute for Ageing and Health,

University of Newcastle

Chaired by RSE President Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS HonFREng HonFMedSci HonFRSE PRSE


Discussion Dinner - Is Public Sector Spending Stifling Business Growth?

10 March 2008 - 7.30pm

Sir John Ward CBE FRSE FIET, Chairman, Scottish Enterprise and Professor Brian Ashcroft FRSE, Professor of Economics, Fraser Allander Institute, University of Strathclyde

Chaired by Professor Gavin McCrone CB FRSE


Discussion Supper – The Howie Report Revisited.

Wednesday 27 February 2008 at 6.30pm

Speakers included: Professor John Howie CBE, FRSE and Graham Donaldson, HM Chief Inspector, Post-School Education.


18 May 2007 - Discussion Supper. 6.30pm

The Union of 1707

The Misrepresentation of the Union by Mr Paul Henderson Scott


Two to Tango - The Myth of an English Takeover by Mr Paul Riddell, Senior Assistant Editor, The Scotsman.


15 February 2007- Discussion Supper

What is a National Academy? Chaired by Professor John Richardson FRSE.

Speakers: Mr Peter Brown, Former Secretary of the British Academy, Professor Seona Reid, Director of Glasgow School of Art and Sir Michael Atiyah PRSE.


Monday 6 November 2006.

The Lecture by Professor Praqsanta Kumar Pattanaik on Rights, Freedom and Welfare in Economics, was followed by a discussion dinner for RSE Fellows.


Discussion Supper Proposals

If any Fellow has a proposal for the subject matter of future Discussion Suppers and would like to take the lead on organising it, please get in touch with the Events Manager, Roisin Calvert-Elliott, who will put proposals forward to the Programme Convener and the Meetings Committee.


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