Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers

ISSN: 1358-1627

Occasional Papers is the title of a series of short publications which address topics of current concern or other wide public interest and which have been written for the non-specialist reader. Occasional Papers may be based on and published soon after a seminar, conference or workshop held in the Royal Society of Edinburgh, but they may also be published if it is felt that, by doing so, the Society might make a contribution to public debate on a particular issue.

No. 1: Leukaemia Clusters (1995)
No. 2: Waste Disposal (1995)
No. 3: Gene Therapy (1995)
No. 4: Scientific Research & Oral Health (1996)
No. 5: Ethical Implications of the Human Genome Project (1996)
No. 6: Scotland's universities in the 21st century (1997)

No further titles in this series have been published to date.

These are still available from the RSE at the price of £2.50 each.


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