Miscellaneous Publications

Miscellaneous Publications

From Maxwell to Higgs

 cover imageOn 4 July 2012 CERN announced their independent discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson. The Royal Society of Edinburgh wished to commemorate this historic event and commissioned an exhibition for its Upper Gallery. As the work of James Clerk Maxwell on classical electricity and magnetism had laid a foundation for all of the development of modern physics, it was fitting to outline that story in an exhibition entitled “From Maxwell to Higgs”. A book has now been published featuring the exhibition panels. As the available space limited the size of the exhibition some elements of the story are told rather briefly. This book expands on those missing parts in an Appendix and provides some background through an introduction. Purchase “From Maxwell to Higgs” (UK £5, overseas £7.50)


David Hume - 'My Own Life'

One of the shortest but also one of the most celebrated autobiographies ever written, 'My Own Life', was composed shortly before David Hume's death in 1776.

In this book, edited by RSE Curator Dr Iain Gordon Brown, 'My Own Life' is, for the first time, fully edited from the manuscript and extensively annotated. A complete facsimile of the memoir is included, and two new transcripts are provided: one for the general reader, one for the scholar interested in the evolution of the text. A long introduction summarises and evaluates much historical and recent thinking on the significance of Hume's remarkable autiobiography. Purchase David Hume - 'My Own Life'



Commemoration of James Clerk Maxwell

A stunning 130 page book, published by the Royal Society of Edinburgh to commemorate the achievements and legacy of James Clerk Maxwell. Available online for £12.


New Directions in Differential Equations

James Hutton & Joseph Black

Mathematics books for children


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