Foot & Mouth Committee: Public Meetings in the Borders

Foot & Mouth Committee: Public Meetings in the Borders

The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s committee conducting an independent inquiry into Foot and Mouth Disease in Scotland is to hold public meetings in the Borders. Members of the Media are welcome to attend this event which is open to all members of the public with views on Foot & Mouth disease.
The public meetings are to be on Tuesday 26th February 2002 at:

    The Village Hall ~ Newcastleton ~ 3.15pm

    The Council Chamber ~ Newtown St Boswells ~ 7.30pm

These meetings, which are free and open to all, will provide a forum for members of the public to express their views and share relevant experiences with the committee. Each meeting is expected to last approximately one and a half hours. Evidence gained from these sessions is expected to inform the expert committee’s report, which it is hoped will be widely distributed by July 2002.

The remit of the group carrying out the work is to investigate the outbreak, spread and control of the disease in Scotland with particular regard to:

  • The organism and the disease
  • Methods of control
  • Impact on the economy generally
  • Impact on tourism
  • Lessons for the future

The RSE has set up the independent expert committee at the instigation of the President and Council of The Royal Society of Edinburgh. It is investigating the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Scotland, the control procedures employed and the impact that has had on the Scottish economy. It continues to invite organisations and individuals with relevant experience to give evidence to one or other of its two subcommittees: a Biological and Disease Control Committee under the chairmanship of Professor Ian Cunningham and an Economic Impact Committee, chaired by Professor Gavin McCrone.

The full membership of the independent committee is as follows:

Chair: Professor Ian Cunningham CBE, FRSE
Vice-Chair: Professor Gavin McCrone CB, FRSE
Members: Sir James Armour, CBE, FRSE
Professor Brian Ashcroft
Dr Jean Balfour, CBE, FRSE
Mr Ivan Broussine
Sir David Carter, FRSE
Dr W J Irvine, FRSE
Mrs Barbara Kelly, CBE
Dr Donald MacRae
Professor Jeff Maxwell, OBE, FRSE
Dr Laura Meagher
Mr David Mitchell
Dr Peter Nettleton
Professor Stuart Reid, FRSE
Dr Robert Sellers, FRSE
Secretary: Mr Loudon Hamilton, CB

Notes for Editors

Members of the Media are welcome to be part of the public body at this event and offer relevant views/ask questions of the panel.

Photographs may be taken during the public meetings, television cameras present and audio recordings made of the event, such that these cause no disruption to the smooth running of the meetings.

Short interview opportunities with the Chairman of the RSE’s Independent committee, Professor Ian Cunningham may be available shortly before and after each session. To arrange an interview, please contact Stuart Brown on the contact numbers below.


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