The Royal Society of Edinburgh top new appointments

The Royal Society of Edinburgh top new appointments

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland’s National Academy of Science & Letters has just announced the election of three new, senior honorary officers.

Professor Andrew Miller, until recently Principal of The University of Stirling, has become General Secretary. Professor Miller who is Interim Executive Chairman of the Cancer Research Campaign and the Imperial Cancer Research Foundation, succeeds Professor Peter Wilson in the five year, honorary post of General Secretary, which has been held by luminaries such as Sir John Robison, Professor John Playfair and Professor Peter Guthrie Tait.

Professor Andy Walker, Assistant Principal at Heriot-Watt University and Professor of Modern Optics in the Department of Physics, has become a Vice President of the Society. Professor Walker succeeds Professor Robert Donovan who demits office after a three year term.

Lord Wilson of Tillyorn, former Governor of Hong Kong, has been elected International Committee Convener, taking over responsibility for the RSE’s international portfolio from Professor Andrew Miller. Other key, honorary roles andpositions on the RSE’s Council were also decided at the Society’s Annual Statutory Meeting, held in Edinburgh on 28th October.

Sir William Stewart, President said:

The RSE is entering a new phase in the role it plays in today’s Scotland. The Society is increasingly being asked to provide views on issues of key importance to the people of Scotland. Our successful programme of lectures and conferences is attracting more members of the public, as well as subject specialists. This demonstrates the demandwithin the Scottish community for this kind of forum for informed, expert debate. I am delighted that such prestigious Fellows are taking on key positions within the Society and I pay tribute to the excellent contributions made by those demitting office. The Society must not be complacent, but seek to help promote the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Scotland.Professor

Andrew Miller, General Secretary said:

As the RSE moves into a new phase of activities, its founding goal of the" advancement of learning and useful knowledge", remains the same, but its approach will adapt radically to meet and to match the challenges and opportunities of the new century. The Fellows are a national asset of great worth and I will do all I can to stimulate their contribution to Scottish society in the discovery and application of new knowledge and its dissemination to all.

Professor Andy Walker, Vice President said:

I am delighted and honoured to have been elected a Vice President of such a prestigious, Scottish society. Working at the interface of industry and academia, the RSE is in a prime position to promote the exchange of the best ideas and the best technologies for the benefit of the Scottish economy, education and research. With responsibility for the Physical Sciences and Engineering, I believe that we must work to improve the public perception of science, and to encourage our young people to recognise the opportunities for exciting and rewarding careers in this diverse field. Working together with its staff and Fellows, I hope to build further upon the Society’s existing commitment to being a key resource in today’s Scotland.


Sir William Stewart FRS, FRSE

The Rt Hon Lord Ross PC, FRSE
Sir David Carter, FRSE
Professor A C Walker, FRSE General Secretary
Professor A Miller CBE, FRSE

Sir Laurence Hunter CBE, FRSE

Professor M D McLeod, FRSE

Fellowship Secretary
Professor J D M H Laver CBE, FBA, FRSE

Research Awards Convener
Professor J R Coggins, FRSE

International Committee Convener
Lord Wilson of Tillyorn KT, GCMG, KStJ, FRSE

Programme Convener
Professor J S Beck, FRSE

Youth Programme Convener
Dr L S D Glasser MBE, FRSE

Secretaries to Meetings
Professor D J Breeze, FRSE
Professor C M Duffus, FRSE

Professor C Kuo, FRSE
Professor J F McClelland CBE, FRSE
Professor M Peaker FRS, FRSE
Mr E Cunningham CBE, FRSE
Professor E B Lane, FRSE
Professor R G M Morris FRS, FRSE
Dr W S Nimmo, FRSE
Professor D H Saxon, FRSE
Professor P F Sharp, FRSE
Professor I H Stevenson, FRSE
Lord Sutherland of Houndwood, FBA, FRSE


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