UK Food Safety Experts Speak in Edinburgh

UK Food Safety Experts Speak in Edinburgh

Some of the country’s leading Food Safety Experts will speak at a conference held at The Royal Society of Edinburgh today. Insights into one of the major public issues of the day will be offered and members of the media are invited to attend. Topics will include:

Food Safety and Society; Protection of the Public; Food Borne Pathogens; BSE and variant CJD; How Dangerous is the Environment?; Adverse Reactions to Foods and Food Ingredients; Toxins in Shellfish; Genetically Modified Foods; Communication and the Consumer.

Aspects of Food Safety: Wednesday 4th April - Programme

9.55am Welcome
Sir William Stewart FRS FRSE, President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
10.00am Food Safety and Society
Sir John Arbuthnott FRSE, Chairman of the Food Standards Agency’s Scottish Advisory Committee
10.15am Protection of the Public
Professor Richard Gilbert OBE, formerly Director of the Food Hygiene Laboratory, Public Health Laboratory Service, London
11.00am Food Borne Pathogens
Professor Hugh Pennington FRSE, Food Standards Agency’s Scottish Advisory Committee and University of Aberdeen
11.30am Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and variant CJD
Professor James W Ironside, National CJD Surveillance Unit, University of Edinburgh
12.00pm How Dangerous is the Environment?
Professor Bill Reilly, Deputy Director of the Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health, Glasgow
1.30pm Adverse Reactions to Foods and Food Ingredients
Professor Peter Aggett, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Toxicology of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment
2.00pm Toxins in Shellfish
Dr Colin Moffat, Fisheries Research Service Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen
3.00pm Genetically Modified Foods
Professor Derek Burke CBE DL, formerly Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods
3.30pm Communication and the Consumer
Deirdre Hutton CBE, Chairman of the National Consumer Council, London
4.00pm Discussion
4.30pm Summing up
5.00pm Close

Professor Sir John Krebs FRS, Chairman of the UK Food Standards Agency and Royal Society Research Professor, Oxford University


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