Using our Fellows, and others, as an expert, independent and free resource, the RSE provides evidence and advice which informs public policy decisions and legislative direction.  Our contributions are mainly, but not solely, for the benefit of the Scottish Parliament and Government.  We also engage with Westminster, Europe and the Civil Service.  We contribute by:

Producing Advice and Briefing Papers, and Consultation Responses

We proactively consider issues of topical and national importance and produce advice papers / reports.

We prepare briefing papers for MSPs, MPs and MEPs ahead of Parliamentary debates.

Where we have the necessary expertise and can make a distinctive contribution, we respond to government consultations.

Undertaking Major Inquiries

We undertake comprehensive inquiries into matters of national importance. The report of our most recent inquiry, Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation in Scotland, launched on 30 April 2014.

Other recent reports include an investigation into Lifting Barriers To Women In Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics: A Strategy For Scotland (April 2012); and Facing Up to Climate Change (March 2011).

Providing Resources

To support policy implementation, we provide resources such as the Computing Science and Chemistry exemplification materials in support of Curriculum for Excellence.

Attending Parliamentary Committees

When invited we attend Parliamentary Committes and provide oral evidence.

Meeting with Parliamentarians and Civil Servants

We meet regularly with parliamentarians and civil servants to discuss issues of topical and national importance


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