Advice Papers 2004

Advice Papers 2004

December 2004

The UK Honours Degree Classification System (PDF)

November 2004

The Future of the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) (PDF)

Future Extensions in Farm Animal Genetics and Genomics (PDF)
October 2004

The Scientific Aspects of Ageing

Choosing the Future : Genetics and Reproductive Decision Making
September 2004
Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department Research Strategy Review
August 2004

The Contingency Plan for the Possible Emergence of Naturally Occurring BSE in Sheep

Draft Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Bill

July 2004

Investing in and Paying for Water Services

7th EU R&D Framework Programme

Merger of The Scottish Further Education Funding Council  and The Scottish Higher Education Funding Council

Developing a Strategic Framework for Scotland's Marine Environment
Developing a UK sustainable development strategy together
May 2004
RAE 2008: Panel configuration and recruitment
Human Reproductive Technologies and the Law
Code of Practice for the use of Human Stem Cell Lines
April 2004
Science and innovation: working towards a ten-year investment framework
Constitutional Reform Bill [HL]

Preparing for a new TB Strategy on bovine tuberculosis


March 2004
Science and the Regional Development Agencies: The Scottish experience
February 2004
Inquiry into the future of the renewable energy sector in Scotland
January 2004
CAP Reform: Opportunities for Scotland


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