Advice Papers 1999

Advice Papers 1999

December 1999

Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones - call for evidence

Government Expenditure on Research and Development - Forward Look 1999


November 1999

Complementary and Alternative Medicine - response to House of Lords Science and Technology Committee

Chief Medical Officer’s Expert Group on Cloning - comments to Department of Health

Celebrating Scotland: A National Cultural Strategy - comments to the Scottish Executive Education Department’s

Consultation on Celebrating Scotland: A National Cultural Strategy


October 1999

Assessment of Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU) of Agricultural Plant Varieties - response to the Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department

Environmental Planning - comments to Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution


September 1999

The Indpendent Committee of Inquiry into Student Finance

Diabetes and Driving Licences - response to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee


August 1999

Proposals for revised Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations - response to the Health and Safety Commission


July 1999

Scotland's National Waste Strategy - response to Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).


June 1999

Consultation on Basic Safety Standards Directive Euratom 96/29 - response to Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department

Science and Society Inquiry- response to Science and Technology Select Committee of the House of Lords

Developing Scotland's Clusters - comments on Scottish Enterprise's cluster strategy

New and Renewable Energy - prospects for the 21st Century - response to DTI consultation

EU Policy on Biodiversity (Word Doc)


May 1999

Review of the Common Law Provisions relating to the removal of Gametes and of the consent provisions in the human fertilisation and embryology act 1990 - response to Department of Health

The School Curriculum and the Culture of Scotland - response to Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum (Word Doc)


April 1999

Devolution and Science: Implications of Scottish Devolution - joint report by RSE and Royal Society of London

Funding for the Future: A Consultation on the funding of teaching /Strategic Issues for Scottish Higher Education


March 1999

The Scientific Advisory System - Genetically Modified Foods Inquiry - to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

Review of Postgraduate Education - for the Scottish Office

Food Standards Agency : draft legislation and proposal for a levy scheme - to Scottish Office Food Group

National Scenic Areas : Scottish Natural Heritage review


February 1999

Foresight for Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry - Forestry and Wood Products

Office of Science and Technology Consultation Paper

Framework for Overseeing Developments in Biotechnology

Office of Science and Technology Review


January 1999

Scottish Arts in the 21st Century : Scottish Arts Council Consultation Paper


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