Other Educational Outreach Providers

Other Educational Outreach Providers

The following organisations consist of members or fellows with academic and/or industrial expertise; and these collaborations are used to create educational opportunities for Scottish schools. To find out all about the wide variety of teaching support on offer, click on the hyperlinks below.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE)

Welcome to The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland’s National Academy of Science & Letters. The RSE is an independent body with charitable status and has a multidisciplinary fellowship of international standing representing a knowledge resource for the people of Scotland.

The RSE is committed to its Royal Charter of 1783 for the “advancement of learning and useful knowledge” and to this end the RSE's programme of events for primary and secondary school students is designed to stimulate and develop our young people's interest in science, society and culture. Schools Events are free and require minimal time-commitment from classroom teachers. All activities are animated by experts from universities and industry, and are administered by experienced, professional staff.

Click here to view the RSE programme.

The Institute of Physics (IoP) in Scotland

Wellcome to The Institute of Physics (IoP) in Scotland, one of thirteen national or regional branches of the Institute of Physics. The Scottish branch organises lectures, meetings and conferences for its members and works locally to promote physics, physics education and public understanding of physics. In particular, the educational outreach programme provides curriculum development initiatives, details regarding the Affiliated Schools Scheme and professional development courses, as well as resource links and information about the various support networks available.

Click here to view the IoP programme

The Institute of Biology (IoB)

Welcome to The Institute of Biology (IoB). The IoB is the professional body for UK biologists. It was founded in 1950, obtained a Royal Charter in 1979, and is a registered charity. Its 14,000 members work in industry, research, education and healthcare, amongst other areas. The IoB has a strong tradition of supporting science educators by providing a voice for biology teachers in parliament, organising the British Biology Olympiad, as well as hosting other competitions, events and courses that help you to help your students. The web pages also provide careers advice, including the ‘ask a biologist’ initiative.

Click here to view the IoB programme (to follow shortly).

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Welcome to The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences and supporting activities spanning education, training, conferences and science policy. The RSC’s education activities cater for chemical scientists of all ages and produce a wide range of resources for teachers and students, including training and CPD courses, maintaining professional registers and input into education policy. The web pages also provide a variety of fun-filled activities, games and teaching support materials, as well as exam tips and information on courses and careers.

Click here to view the RSC programme.


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