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S5 and S6 students debate topical issues of importance to Scotland.

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Darwin - the Great Debate – part of the Darwin200 year. September 2009

200 years after Darwin's birth and there is still a debate around the theory of evolution. What evidence is there to support his theory and are the young people of today convinced?

Guest speakers Professor Steve Jones and Bishop Richard Holloway

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The resource below contains useful information and discussion questions for you to use with your class.

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This fantastic resource was produced by the University of Edinburgh, School of Biology and contains everything you would need to know about Darwin and current research stemming from his work.

Tuesday 24 October 2006 at The University of Aberdeen. Debating Scotland's Energy Choices
energy production

Energy is vital to our national well-being and should not be allowed to become a political football. The concerns surrounding energy production, energy transfer and its efficient use affects all of us and the RSE is seeking to engage young people, as well as the general public through out Scotland, to debate these issues in order to better inform key decision makers.

On 24 October 2006 S5 and S6 students met at the University of Aberdeen to debate and discuss the following topics:

- Energy sources, supply and grid infrastructure
- Energy efficiency, savings and research and development
- The role of Government and the public

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Thursday 15 June 2006 at Inverness College - Stem Cell Research

The Royal Society of Edinburgh Discussion Forum

Stem cells have the potential to help us treat many serious diseases, but their use raises many contentious issues.

What must society consider before this potential is harnessed?

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On June 15th S5 and S6 students from throughout the Highlands met at Inverness College for a day of discussion and debate on Stem Cell Research.

In the morning experts introduced the topic in a variety of talks, Dr Neville Cobbe, University of Edinburgh, introduced the field, asking “What is a Stem Cell? What is a Human Being? When does life begin? What is OK?” Dr Matt Dalby, University of Edinburgh then discussed the potential applications of Stem Cell therapies. Finally, Professor Graeme Laure, University of Edinburgh, discussed some of the legal aspects of Stem Cell Research, illustrated with responses from around the world.

After the talks, students split into workshops to consider the issues and formulate their own opinions on topics as diverse as the media’s role in the Stem Cell debate, clinical trials, they use of embryos in stem cell research, the funding of research and public trust of scientists. The day concluded with students presenting their views to the conference and an open-floor debate.

The event was run in partnership with the Scottish Initiative for Biotechnology Education (SIBE).

The RSE has compiled a report of the day which highlights students’ opinions on this important topic. Anan electronic teaching resource to encourage debate on Stem Cell Research in the classroom is also being prepared. We will be inviting all schools in Scotland to contribute to a national survey on Stem Cell Research.

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