Thomas Telford

Thomas Telford

These Thomas Telford Teaching Resource Materials have been produced as part of the RSE's programme of events for young people and the wider public from across Scotland.

The materials have been created for P6 and P7, S1 and S2 pupils. However, some teachers might want to use an activity outwith this age range for example with S3 and S4 technology students.

Click on the links below to access the Supporting Resource Pack for Teachers and P6 to S1 students (PDF files) which have been created to be used in conjunction with and/ or independently of the conference.

The pack provides four activities which have been produced for use in classrooms

- The Incomplete Sketchbook
- Telford and Co., Kitchen Designers
- The Telford Property Sale
- The Bridge-span Challenge

The pack also contains

- Background notes for teachers
- Activity notes explaining the four activities
- Thomas Telford brief biography notes
- Student activity sheets for each of the four activities
- Suggested links to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

Click below to download PDF files

Teachers' Notes

Student Notes

Curriculum for Excellence


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