Inspiration Awards

Inspiration Awards

The Annual Inspiration Awards of The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) seek to recognise the outstanding contribution made by Volunteers to the RSE's programme of educational activities for Young People. Held throughout Scotland, these events include fun lectures, master classes - providing opportunities for hands-on experiments - and discussion of topical issues.

There is a particular emphasis on issues arising from new technologies, such as cloning and mobile phones and those that include ethical dimensions. Some events take place on Saturday mornings or require travelling long distances throughout Scotland, requiring real commitment from Volunteers.

Inspiration Awards 2007.

Dr Susan Armstrong

Dr Susan Armstrong is a part-time Senior University Teacher in Chemistry at Glasgow University. She joined the Higher Education Academy at its inception and was awarded a Fellowship in March 2007. Her RSE@Schools talk, Mirrors, Medicines and Metals aims to answer the question, ‘How are metals, mirrors and medicine related?’ Dr Armstrong was unable to attend the ceremony but was recongised in her absence.

Professor Anthony Busuttil

Professor Anthony Busuttil is Professor of Applied Pathology at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He often speaks at secondary schools about the actual work invovled in forensic medicine and science, explaining the educational pathways which can lead into this speciality. His RSE@Schools talk entitled Solving Crime and Murder looks at some suspicious crime scenes and explains how the forensic process works.

Dr Bruce Davies

Dr Bruce Davies is Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Heriot-Watt University. He has been a regular contributor to the Edinburgh International Science Festival since 1995. He presented portions of the televised Millennium Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on Robots and is a regular contributor to radio and television programmes. In 2006 Dr Davies delivered the RSE@Schools lectures on Mathematics Matters at the Aberdeen annual Tech Fest.

Mr Bob Kibble

Mr Bob Kibble is Senior Lecturer in Science Education at the School of Education in Edinburgh. In 2006 Bob initiated ‘Things are looking up’, a programme of evening skywatch sessions for parents, teachers and pupils in partnership with the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. In the past 12 months Bob has delivered seven workshops on space and shadows to primary schools in Edinburgh as part of science week 2007. Bob helps run the institute of Physics summer school for teachers and sits on the RSE’s Young People’s Committee. Bob produced the school learning materials for the Telford celebrations.

Professor Thomas Krauss

Professor Thomas Krauss is Professor of Optoelectronics at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St Andrews. He presents one of the RSE@Schools talks, Lasing down the internet, which explains modern communications technology from basic principles to the latest research. He was a member of the RSE Young People’s committee and is a Director of the “Sensation” Science Centre at Dundee with a particular interest in making science more accessible to school children.

Dr Val Mann

Dr Val Mann is a Senior Research Fellow within the newly formed Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. She received a Personal Research Fellowship from the Royal Society of Edinburgh as part of the Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland scheme in 2003. Dr Mann recognises that she was fortunate at school to have been taught by “two fantastic biology teachers who made science interesting and exciting”. Therefore, she is delighted to contribute to the RSE@Schools programme and hopes her school visits to deliver her talk What does your granny have in common with a space man? excite students to go on into further education and possibly future careers in the life sciences sector.

In 2006, awards were presented to:

Professor Wendy Bickmore - MRC Human Genetics Unit
Professor Sue Black - University of Dundee
Professor Mark Chaplain - University of Dundee
Dr Quentin Cutts - University of Glasgow
Dr Adrian Linacre - University of Strathclyde
Dr David Miller - University of Glasgow
Ms Lorna Sibbett - University of St Andrews

In 2005, awards were presented to:

Dr Christine Davidson - University of Strathclyde
Dr Ciaran Ewins - University of Paisley
Professor Alan Heavens - University of Edinburgh

In 2004, awards were presented to:

Dr Greig Chisholm, Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Dr Chris Baddeley, The University of St Andrews
Dr Hilary-Kay Young, The University of Dundee
Dr Lyndsay Fletcher, The University of Glasgow
Dr Allan Jamieson, The Forensic Institute

In 2003, awards were presented to:

Dr Lesley Glasser MBE FRSE, Satrosphere/University of Aberdeen
Dr Martin Hendry, University of Glasgow
Mrs Monica Lacey, University of Dundee
Ms Heather Reid, Met Office/BBC Scotland
Dr Bruce Sinclair, University of St Andrews

In 2002, awards were presented to:

Professor Patrick Bailey FRSE, UMIST
Professor Miles Padgett FRSE, University of Glasgow
Dr Ruth Robinson, University of St Andrews
Professor Russell Morris, University of St Andrews
Dr Maureen Cooper, University of Stirling
Professor Murray Campbell, University of Edinburgh
Professor Jack Carr FRSE, Heriot-Watt University
Mrs Teresa Carr, Edinburgh
Dr John Parker, Heriot-Watt University
Dr Moira Jardine, University of St Andrews
Dr Peter Rowell, University of Dundee
Dr Oliver Musgrave, University of Aberdeen


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