Video, Audio and Interactive Material

Video, Audio and Interactive Material

26 April 2010 Thomas Reid and the Art of Philosophy
19 April 2010 A question of chemistry? The role of the composer and librettist in the creation of opera
16 March 2010 Renewable energy, sustainable engineering, Ian Irvine
1 March 2010 The Importance of being red, Professor Jonathan Rees
16 February 2010 Energy, Professor Jim McDonald FREng FRSE
26 January 2010 Science and Society Book Discussion, The Invisible Enemy: A Natural History of Viruses, Professor Dorothy Crawford FRSE OBE
10 December 2009 The technology - policy challenges to address climate changes and biodiversity loss, Professor Bob Watson
7 December 2009

BP Prize Lecture, The Apocryphal Gospels - Then and Now, Dr Paul Foster

5 October 2009 Annual Statutory Meeting. (Fellows only)
11 August 2009 The RSE - 100 years in George Street. A talk by Professor Duncan Macmillan, RSE Curator.
26 May 2009

MacCormick European Lecture. Today's EU : all passion spent. Lord John Kerr of Kinlochard GCMG HonFRSE (mp3)

24 April 2009 Science, Politics and Drama. The Drama of Nuclear Weapons. Panel Discussion.
Sir Michael Atiyah, HonFRSE, Chair; Prof. John Finney; Michael Frayn; Richard Holloway, FRSE ; Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne. (mp3 file
  Michael Frayn talking before the reading of the Farm Hall transcripts (mp3)
  Science, Politics and Drama. Operation Epsilon: Reading of the Farm Hall transcripts (mp3 file)
  Science, Politics and Drama Programme (pdf)
21 April 2009

The Higgs boson: what, why, how?. A panel discussion organised jointly by the RSE and the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), with Professor Peter Higgs, FRSE, Professor David Saxon, FRSE and Professor Edward Witten.

11 March 2009 The i-Limb Hand. Hugh Gill, Director of Technology and Operations, Touch Bionics and Philip Newman, Director of Marketing, Touch Bionics (mp3)
2 March 2009 The Gannochy Trust Innovation Award Lecture. Dr Colin Urquhart, CEO, Dimensional Imaging Ltd (mp3)
17 February 2009 Global Challenges In A Changing World, Professor John Beddington, Chief Scientific Advisor To HM Government
  Click here to view PDF of Power Point Presentation
  Click here to listen to lecture (mp3)
12 February 2009 Islam and the Day of Judgement. Professor Mona Siddiqui (mp3)
11 February 2009 Cultural Flagships: Being a ‘National’ - Museums and Galleries
22 January 2009 The Royalty of Man. How the World Read Burns. Mr Neal Ascherson (mp3)
19 January 2008 Scotland's Hill and Island Areas. Oban Public Meeting
14 January 2009 Reflections on Islamic Art. Professor Robert Hillenbrand FRSE, University of Edinburgh (mp3)
2008 events
10 December 2008 Images of Saladin: Past and Present. Professor Carole Hillenbrand FRSA FRSE, University of Edinburgh.
3 December 2008 Edinburgh Lecture - Taxation without Representation! – The Rise of China’s Middle Class. James Kynge, Journalist and Author
7 November 2008 Jihad and the Surge in Iraq. Major General Simon Mayall, Assistant Chief of the General Staff, Ministry of Defence
6 October 2008 Annual Statutory Meeting (Fellows only - password required)
2 October 2008

Presidential Address - Mind, Matter and Mathematics. Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS HonFREng HonFMedSci HonFRSE PPRSE

22 September 2008

Challenges of Road Pricing. Professor Frank Kelly FRS, Master, Christ’s College, Cambridge

8 September 2008 Launch of Hill and Island Areas Inquiry Report. Professsor Gavin McCrone.
1 September 2008

Does God Play Dice? Professor Miles Padgett FRSE, University of Glasgow

30 June 2008

Structures and Granular Solids. Professor J. Michael Rotter, FREng, FRSE, FICE, FIStructE, FASCE, FIEAust (mp3)

26 June 2008 National Cultural Flagships. Film
23 June 2008

Maps, Mapping and Map History. Professor Charles W J Withers FBA FRSE, Professor of Historical Geography, University of Edinburgh (mp3)

16 June 2008

The Black Hole War: The War That Made the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics. Leonard Susskind, Felix Bloch Professor of Theoretical Physics at Stanford University (mp3)

12 May 2008 Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with the Large Hadron Collider. Professor Fabiola Gianotti, Research Physicist, Deputy Spokesperson of the Atlas Experiment
28 April 2008 100 Years of Radio Astronomy: Past, Present and Future. Professor Michael Garrett, General Director, ASTRON. (mp3)
8 May 2008

The European Union: Does it have a Future?. Sir John D K Grant, KCMG Former UK Permanent Representative (Ambassador) to the EU (mp3)

21 April 2008 Architectural Politics in Renaissance Venice. Professor Deborah Howard, University of Cambridge
31 March 2008 Global Horizons for UK Universities
10 March 2008

Lecture - Optos: The Design Challenges and Business Tribulations. Mr Douglas Anderson, Executive Director, Optos plc (mp3 file)

3 March 2008

Gannochy Trust Innovation Award Prize Lecture - New Antibiotics from the Sea Bed to the Hospital Bed. Dr Andrew Mearns Spragg, CEO, Aquapharm Bio-Discovery Ltd

21 February 2008 National Cultural Flagships. Music and Opera. Speakers included; Mr Jonathan Mills, Festival Director and Chief Executive, Edinburgh International Festival and Mr Roy McEwan, Managing Director, Scottish Chamber Orchestra.
12 February 2008 Science, Innovation, Education: The Challenge to Society - ECRR Peter Wilson Lecture. Professor Geoffrey Boulton.
4 February 2008 Security, Insecurity, Paranoia and Quantum Mechanics. Professor Stephen Barnett. (video)
2007 events
3 December 2007 Cellular Clocks. Professor Ole Laerum. (video)
19 November 2007. Mock Trial. Are our Civil Liberties being eroded? (video)
12 November 2007 Classical Music and the Subject of Modernity. Professor John Butt, FRSE. (MP3)
1 November 2007 The Science of Improvement: Why Scotland Needs its Public Intellectuals. Professor C Duncan Rice FRSE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Aberdeen. (MP3)
8 October 2007 A Discussion and Illustrated Lecture on the exhibition, "Plant Memory". Victoria Crowe.
1 October 2007 Annual Statutory Meeting.
1 October 2007 Reflections on the Amazing and Ubiquitous Cellphone. Dr Irwin Jacobs.
19 September 2007 Edinburgh Lecture.
3 September 2007 Henry Duncan Prize Lecture - The Highlands: Scotland’s Great Success Story. Professor James Hunter CBE FRSE, Director, UHI Centre for History. (MP3).
28 June 2007 Commissioner Jan Figel' - Reforming Europe's Universities: why and how? (MP3)
20 June 2007 Professor Sir Harry Kroto - Architecture in Nano-Space.
31 May 2007 Professor Paul Jowitt. Engineering Civilisation from the Shadows.
14 May 2007 Inquiry into the Future of Scotland's Hill and Island Areas. Press Conference.
1 May 2007 Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland Annual Forum. The Ageing Population
30 April 2007 The Unpredictability of Science. Sir John Meurig Thomas.
  Debating Scotland's Energy Choices
12 March 2007 Protein Coated Microcrystals: Drug Delivery of biologics. The Gannochy Trust Innovation Award Lecture. Dr Marie Clair Parker.
Video playing audio with powerpoint.
8 March 2007 Philology in a New Key: Humane Studies in Digital Space. Professor Jerome McGann. (MP3 file)
13 February 2007 Does Science Matter. Professor Anne Glover. .
(Video plays audio with powerpoint)
5 February 2007 Cultural Policy and National Identity in Post Devolution Scotland.
2006 events
9 October 2006 RSE Annual Statutory Meeting. Fellows only. Password required
19 June 2006 Issues for Scotland's Energy Supply. Inquiry Report launch.
26 April 2006 Lloyds TSB Forum. Presentations on Ageing.
2005 events
11 July 2005 John Mitchell, Chief Scientist, The Met Office, on climate change


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