Our Governance

Our Governance

The RSE Council is responsible for the governance of the Society.  Reporting to that is an Executive Committee which is reponsible for operational matters.  It works closely with Standing Committees, which report to Council.

The staff group currently numbers 41 and is headed by Dr William Duncan, Chief Executive

The RSE also has three connected charitable trusts - the RSE Scotland Foundation, The RSE Scotland SCIO, and the BP Research Fellowship Trust

The Laws of the Society (revised October 2014) are available to read here.


Council members are Fellows, appointed annually through an election ballot involving the Fellowship.  Fellows are invited annually to nominate other Fellows, or volunteer themselves, to stand for election to Council. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the RSE General Secretary, the RSE Treasurer, the Chairman of the RSE Scotland Foundation, a non office bearing Council member, the Chief Executive and the executive Directors.

Standing Committees

Members of these Committees are both Fellows and non-Fellows.

Election of Fellows

The election of new Fellows is overseen by Sectional Committees and Sector Groups which report to the Fellowship Committee, which in turn reports to Council.  Council is responsible for deciding the nominees which should go forward to the Fellowship for election. 

Corporate Documents

Links to our corporate documents, such as The Trustees' Report and Accounts, Annual Review, Reviews of our Annual Sessions.


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