Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

The RSE is committed to providing a working environment and practices which support the general well-being of its staff and which enables them to work effectively.

 The RSE delivers its commitment by:

  • Having personnel policies & procedures, which encourage, promote and support well-being (Family Leave, TOIL, Annual Leave, Flexible working, Parental Leave, Maternity, Paternity & Adoption leave)
  • Promoting awareness and understanding of health related issues in the work-place
  • Providing access to Occupational Health Services when appropriate and required
  • Ensuring it complies fully with its health & safety obligations
  • Monitoring sickness absence and providing appropriate support when this raises concern over a individual’s well-being
  • Obtaining feedback from staff and introducing changes when they are appropriate and necessary to support staff well-being
  • Maintaining the Healthy Working Lives Bronze and Silver Awards and achieving the Gold Award standards.We provide regular confidential health checks for staff, offer First Aid for baby and child for new parents, organise yearly healthy breakfasts and lunches for staff, and cycle trips at the weekends.

The RSE has obtained its Silver Award in 2011 and is currently working towards its Gold Award with the support of its staff.


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