Press Releases

Press Releases

The RSE seeks to work in co-operation with members of the distinctive Scottish Media and journalists elsewhere, valuing our good relations with them. We commend skilful, accurate reporting of, and informed objective comment on the broad range of educational activities in which we are engaged and appreciate the influential role Journalists play in disseminating information and shaping opinion

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We aim to offer Members of the Media:

  • Access to lectures & conferences on topics of interest to the specialist and to the general public on matters of national and international importance
  • Provision for interviews to be conducted and photographs taken where speakers are willing (we encourage them to co-operate)
  • Independent, expert comment on a range of issues which impact on the well-being of Scotland and beyond
  • Background information and expert briefing for journalists upon request, where time permits & party politics are not involved
  • The opportunity for Journalists to contribute to events in their own right (occasionally under Chatham House rules)

Recent Press Releases

September 2016

Researchers Granted £2.8M Support in RSE Awards

August 2016

Improving Scotland’s Economic Performance: The Review of the Enterprise & Skills Agencies

July 2016

RSE Advises on Implications and Opportunities for UK Science after the EU Referendum

June 2016

RSE Calls for Review of Proposed APD Reform

May 2016

Enlightening the European Debate

April 2016

National Academies and the Law Collaborate to Provide Better Understanding of Science to the Courts

March 2016

UK Government Anti-Lobbying Clause

Portrait of Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell unveiled at the RSE

RSE responds to the inquiry into the impact of EU regulation and policy on the UK life sciences

RSE welcomes 56 new Fellows

February 2016

RSE President congratulates Scottish scientists involved in the Gravitational Wave Discovery

Academic Excellence in Scotland Recognised with Announcement of RSE Prizewinners

January 2016

Higher Education: Teaching Excellence, an Opportunity or a Threat?

December 2015

Health Happiness and Wellbeing: Supporting the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood

November 2015

RSE Christmas Lecture: Stampy's Christmas Cake Caper (An Adventure in YouTubing)

Inspiring Brilliance: Celebrating Maxwell’s Genius and Legacy

RSE Response to the Nurse Review of the UK Research Councils

October 2015

Talk Science @ Irvine Bay: Ian Rankin in Conversation with Prof Sue Black

RSE Calls for Stronger Model of Governance for the BBC

September 2015

RSE Calls for a Rational GM Debate

£2.7M Support Granted to Leading Researchers in RSE Awards

RSE Responds to Higher Education Governance Bill

August 2015

RSE calls for investment in research to boost productivity and economic growth

June 2015

The delivery of entrepreneurial education in Scotland

Public must be at forefront of decisions over gas development in Scotland

March 2015

Academic excellence in Scotland recognised with announcement of annual RSE Prizewinners

February 2015

RSE welcomes 56 new Fellows

Scottish Borders to host year of inspirational RSE events

November 2014

Scottish schools struggling to teach science due to lack of equipment and resources

Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell's first public event as RSE President to take place at Irvine Royal Academy

October 2014

Major new science education programme announced by RSE and Irvine Bay Regeneration Company

Leading Scottish researchers benefit from £4m in Royal Society of Edinburgh Awards

June 2014

RSE Council statement on Research and the Referendum

Joint report finds that new approaches are needed to make growth captial available to small Scottish firms

April 2014

Scotland's most marginalised communities being denied the opportunities offered by a digital society

National Academies call for clear, open and meaningful information on Scottish independence as they launch landmark book

March 2014

RSE announces 2014 Royal Medals and Prizes

RSE announces 53 new Fellows

February 2014

RSE elects Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell to be its next President

December 2013

"Spreading the benefits of Digital Participation" Inquiry: Interim Report Launch

September 2013

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Borders, Immigration & Citizenship

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate:Currency, Banking and Financial Services after the Scottish Referendum

March 2013

New RSE Royal Medallists and Prize Winners Announced

Election of New Fellows 2013

Scotland and the EU - summary report

Scotland and the EU - 13 March 2013

RSE Young Academy of Scotland Welcomes 50 New Members

February 2013

Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: National academies launch major programme of events

Spreading the Benefits of Digital Participation

October 2012

Professor Peter Higgs receives commemorative medal at RSE ASM

September 2012

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to present 2012 RSE Royal Medals and Maxwell Award

New report explores Scotland’s future in the United Kingdom

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland has invited applications to join its membership.

August 2012

Scottish academics honoured as RSE Prize Winners 2011/12 announced

May 2012

Alan Turing Centenary Celebrations: Turing Research Symposium, Edinburgh, 11 May

April 2012

An evening with Diarmaid MacCulloch

Tapping all our talents - the launch of a report on Women in STEM

March 2012

Election of New Fellows 2012

A referendum on Scottish Independence

December 2011

RSE responds to Scottish Parliament on Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Bill

RSE Christmas Lecture 12 December: Professor Tom Devine 'Scotland's Global Diaspora'

November 2011

Launch event for RSE Young Academy of Scotland

Professor Yasir Suleiman in Edinburgh for public talk on the Arab Spring, 1 December.

October 2011

Sir John Enderby delivers report on RSE Arts & Humanities Programme

New RSE President and General Secretary take Office

September 2011

RSE launches new Young Academy of Scotland

August 2011

RSE recognises leading researchers

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to present RSE Royal Medals to Baroness Helena Kennedy and Professor Desmond Smith, and IEEE/RSE/Wolfson Maxwell Award to Dr Ted Hoff,  Edinburgh 12 August.

June 2011

Gardens in Science and Art: workshop at Drumlanrig Castle, Saturday 25 June

Trident – Should we keep it? Lord Robertson of Port Ellen and Professor Michael Clarke to take part in ‘mock trial’ in Edinburgh, 23 June 2011

May 2011

RSE launches new Young Academy

April 2011

RSE Beltane Prize for Public Engagement

RSE/BP Hutton Prize in Energy Innovation

March 2011

Sir John Arbuthnott will be next RSE President

New Fellows elected

January 2011

The Future of Teacher Education in Scotland

The Teaching of History in Scottish Schools


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