Obituaries - I

Obituaries - I

John Iball

John Iball was born in Hasland, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, on 1 February 1907. From 1919 to 1925 he attended ‎Alun County School, Mold, Flintshire. It was there that John was drawn to Physics by the enthusiasm of Mr Gordon ‎Oliver. As a consequence, when he left school he went to read Physics and Mathematics at the College of North Wales, ‎Bangor (University of Wales). He graduated in 1928 with a 1st class degree in Physics. The following year he obtained ‎a Diploma in Education and thereafter an award of a Research Scholarship followed by a University of Wales ‎Studentship.‎ Read more about John Iball

Ainsley Iggo

Ainsley Iggo, born in Napier, New Zealand on the 2nd of August 1924 died at his home in Edinburgh on the 25th of March 2012 aged 87. As an electrophysiologist Ainsley pioneered the study of sensory cutaneous receptors and afferents, the organisation of the dorsal horn and the physiology of the ascending tracts within the spinal cord.  In particular he was amongst the first to classify C fibres and mechanoreceptors and discovered themoreceptors in the skin.  His most cited paper is a classic with Alan Muir, outlining the morphological and physiological characteristics for distinguishing a unique cutaneous receptor type from all others, in this case the Merkel receptor.  Interestingly, his next most cited paper dates from 1955 describing his early work in Edinburgh which completed his studies for his PhD in the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, on tension receptors in the stomach and urinary bladder. At this time he also established the mandatory requirements for the identification of action potentials recorded from a single fibre using the collision technique. Read more about Ainsley Iggo


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