Fellows @ Work

Fellows @ Work

The Society is keen to keep up to date with Fellows’ activities and by profiling them, where appropriate, seeks to increase collaboration and the cross-fertilisation of ideas. Click here to contact the Fellowship Office with anything you would like to include on these pages.

Antonine Wall World Heritage Site Bid

Professor David Breeze, formerly of Historic Scotland, was instrumental in securing World Heritage Site status for the Antonine Wall.

Maxwell's Demon

Having read of Sir Michael Atiyah’s commitment to raising the profile of James Clerk-Maxwell in Scotland, RSE Fellow, Professor David Leigh contacted the Society to voice his support and to share information about related work he is pioneering.  Professor Leigh and his team at the University of Edinburgh’s Chemistry department have achieved the experimental realisation of a version of the famous ‘thought-experiment’, Maxwell’s Demon, conceived by Clerk-Maxwell nearly 140 years ago.

Scots Research in Animal Behaviour leads in impact

Andy Whiten, Professor of Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology, University of St Andrews.

A recent report on the citation impact of Animal Behaviour Research across Europe, 1999-2010 shows Scotland to be a leader (Lab Times, May 2012). Expressing the citations reported per million head of population (Wiki data 2012) shows Scotland as earning by far the most citations (4,165) followed by Sweden (2,122) and Switzerland (2,079). The figure for England is 1,261 and a comparator figure for the USA is 793. Scotland also earns the most citations per article. Three of the 20 most cited authors are in Scotland: Professor Andrew Whiten FRSE, Professor Graeme Ruxton FRSE and Professor Kevin Laland FRSE (all University of St Andrews). The most cited article among the 19,303 reviewed is "Culture in chimpanzees" by A. Whiten, J. Goodall et al., Nature, 1999, with 680 citations in the period reviewed. 
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Molecular Nanometrology

Professor Duncan Graham has had a significant impact on the West of Scotland's life science sector. Appointed to a personal chair in the University of Strathclyde's Department of Chemistry aged just 33, Prof. Graham has built a research group of over 30 with funding of £3m to work in molecular nanometrology.

Experimental Haematology

Professor Tessa Holyoake is Scotland's leading pioneer in stem cell research in chronic myeloid leukaemia patients, and Director of the new Paul O'Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre at Glasgow's Gartnavel Hospital.


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