BP Prize Lectureship in the Humanities

BP Prize Lectureship in the Humanities

In 1990, British Petroleum provided an endowment to create a Prize Lectureship in the Humanities. The first Prize Lectureship was awarded in 1991. Awarded biennially to a person working in a Scottish Higher Education Institution, with preference given to a person who has no more than fifteen years postdoctoral experience.
It is awarded sequentially in the following subject areas: Language, Literature and the Arts; Archaeological and Historical Studies; Social Studies; Philosophy, Theology and Law

10th Award 2008
Dr Graham Paul Foster  

9th Award 2007
Dr Deirdre Elizabeth Heddon

8th Award 2005
Professor Graeme Laurie

7th Award 2003
Dr Rebecca Kay

6th Award 2001
Dr Colin Kidd

5th Award 1999
Dr Adrienne Scullion

4th Award 1997
Dr Timothy H Lim

3rd Award 1995
Dr Nigel J Rapport

2nd Award 1993
Dr J M Cornwall

1st Award 1991
Dr M Pittock

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This Prize is no longer available.  Please see the RSE Prizes page for information on current Prizes.


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