W S Bruce Medal

W S Bruce Medal

Instituted in 1923, this Medal commemorates the work of Dr W S Bruce, an explorer and scientific investigator in polar regions. The Society acted as trustee for administration of the Bruce Medal fund and the award was made by a joint Committee appointed by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Royal Physical Society and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.  The award is now made and administered by the Royal Geographical Society.

The Bruce Medal is awarded quinquennially and it is open to workers of all nationalities, preferably of Scottish birth or origin, and preferably at the outset of their careers. The Medal is for some notable contribution to Zoology, Botany, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography or Geography. It should represent new knowledge, or be the outcome of a personal visit to polar regions by the recipient. 

28th Award 2004
Dr Michael Bentley

27th Award 1999
Professor David R Marchant

26th Award 1994
Dr I L Boyd

Click here to view a list of awardees prior to 1994 (PDF)


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