CRF Prize Lectureship

CRF Prize Lectureship

In 1990, as part of a five-year Agreement with Caledonian Research Foundation, the Society created an annual Prize Lectureship in Biomedical Science. In 1994 it was agreed that the Prize Lectureship would alternate annually between Biomedical Sciences and Arts & Letters subjects. The Biomedical Sciences Lectureship was normally awarded to a scientist working outside the United Kingdom. There was no geographical restriction on the domicile of the Prize Lecturer in Arts and Letters.
Prize Lecturers were expected to be of the highest international repute, with no restriction on nationality. The Prize Lecture was given at a number of locations in Scotland. This prize is no longer available, please see the RSE Prizes page for information on current Prizes.

19th Award
No award was made in 2007-2008.

18th Award 2006-07
Professor Steven Shoelson (lecture May 08)

17th Award 2005-06
Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve (lecture May 07)

16th Award 2004-05
Professor Ronald McKay (lecture May 06)

15th Award 2003-04
Joan Bakewell (lecture October 05)

14th Award 2002-03
Professor Joan Steitz (lecture May 04)

13th Award 2001-02
Professor Richard Holmes (lecture May 2003)

12th Award 2000-01
Dr Lewis Cantley (lecture April 2002)

11th Award 1999-00
Sir John Keegan [lecture never given due to illness]

10th Award 1998-99
Dr Iain W Mattaj (lecture April 2000)

9th Award 1997-98
Sir Roy Strong (lecture April 1999)

8th Award 1996-97
Professor Maynard Olson (lecture October 1998)

7th Award 1995-96
Douglas Cardinal (lecture May 1997)

6th Award 1994-95
Professor Stanley Prusiner (lecture May 1996)

5th Award 1993-94
Professor George Steiner (lecture June 1995)

4th Award 1992-93
Professor D Metcalf (lecture June 1994)

3rd Award 1991-92
Professor H Galjaard (lecture April 1993)

2nd Award 1990-91
Professor W Gilbert (lecture May 1992)

1st Award 1989-90
Professor H E Varmus (lecture April 1991)


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