Gunning Victoria Jubilee Prize Lectureship

Gunning Victoria Jubilee Prize Lectureship

This Prize Lectureship was founded in 1887 by His Excellency Dr R H Gunning, who spent much of his life in Brazil and was noted for his generosity. It was awarded quadrennially in recognition of original work by scientists resident in or connected with Scotland. It was awarded sequentially in the following areas: Chemistry; Physics; Pure or Applied Mathematics.  This Prize is no longer available, please see the RSE Prizes page for information on current Prizes.

32nd Award 2008
Professor James Hough

31st Award 2004
Professor Peter Bruce

30th Award 2000
Professor Angus J MacIntyre

29th Award 1996
Professor Kathryn A Whaler

History of Gunning Victoria Jubilee Prizes

Past Recipients


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