Keith Medal

Keith Medal

This Medal was inaugurated in 1827 as a result of a gift from Alexander Keith of Dunottar, the first Treasurer of the Society. It was awarded quadrennially for a paper on a scientific subject presented in the first instance to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, preference being given to a paper containing a discovery.

The Medal was awarded alternately, provided that a paper worthy of recommendation had been received, for a paper published in: Proceedings A (Mathematics) or Transactions (Earth and Environmental Sciences).  This medal is no longer available, please see the RSE Prizes page for information on current prizes and medals.

80th Award 2006
Professor Antonio DeSimone, Professor Dr Stefan Muller, Professor Robert Kohn &
Professor Felix Otto

No award made

No award made

79th Award 1997
Professor Vladimir Šverák

78th Award 1993
Dr Euan Clarkson


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