Makdougall Brisbane Prize

Makdougall Brisbane Prize

This Prize was founded in 1855 by Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, who was the fourth President of the Society and who held office for twenty-eight years.Awarded biennially, with preference given to a person working in Scotland who has no more than fifteen years postdoctoral experience, for particular distinction in the promotion of scientific research.

The Prize is awarded sequentially to research workers in the following fields: Physical Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Biological Sciences.

72nd Award 2007
Professor Andrew Baker

71st Award 2005
Professor Colin McInnes

70th Award 2003
Dr James Wright

69th Award 2001
Dr Dario Alessi

68th Award 1999
Dr Anne Neville

67th Award 1997
Dr Weiping Lu

66th Award 1995
Professor Michael A J Ferguson


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